10 Things That Stink About Being the Only Chick in the House

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Aside from all of the farts, of course.

As much as I'm down with the DudeMom life, there are times when I wish my lovely lady lumps weren't the only ones in residence.

Here are a few not too awesome elements of being the only girl in a house full of Dudes.

glitter shoes
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The only time they get excited about glitter is when a piece of it gets stuck in their eyes.

cute shoes
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There's no one to celebrate a BOGO sale at the shoe store with.

3 & me
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Just once, it would be awesome if someone would notice when I get a cute new pair of earrings.

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dude undies
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Everyone gets to sit around in their underwear except for me.

boys shopping
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I won't be going prom dress shopping, wedding dress shopping, the first day of school dress shopping, or any other kind of dress shopping. In fact, shopping for fun is not even likely to happen. Unless someone gives me a granddaughter to smother. Please, someone give me a granddaughter to smother.

kid dancing
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No one even asks who won the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance.

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back to school
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I have to go see rom-coms alone. And be the really lonely looking chick crying into her popcorn in the back row (because dragging my husband along so he can laugh at the sad parts sorta ruins it). While my Dudes are all next door watching Godzilla.

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No one ever even bothers to think about the toilet seat but me. Unless they're shoving something in it.

youth football players
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It smells like teen spirit, which when you're dealing with Dudes, that means sweat, and funk, doused with Axe body spray. My eyes? They water.

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muddy shoes
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Things like this seem like really good ideas. Every single time.

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Are you the only chick in the house, too?

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10 Things That Stink About Being the Only Chick in the House

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  1. ovation says:

    YES! I have 2 beautiful boys. Ones 4 and the second one is 1. I love them to death but I’m so jealous of my friends who have girls and can buy all the cute girly stuff. They just don’t have the selection for boys. But both my boys love their mom so I’ll enjoy the limelight until the day comes they find a girl of their own. But I just found out we’re expecting our third so I have a small hope maybe it will be a girl. But I’ve convinced myself it’s going to be a boy. My hubby takes after his dad who had 7 boys. All his brothers had a girl first then a boy. Guess we’ll see


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