10 Things I Say to My Sons Every Day

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If you roll by my windows on any given cool-ish day, you will be able to hear the goings on of our Dude life.

We are a loud group of people, and we interact a lot, and they require all sorts of directions to complete most any single task.

But it's not all me saying “Do this” and “Do that” and “Go here” and “Sit down” and “Stop picking things.”

Some things I say have meaning and purpose and aren't all yell-y and loud.

These are some of those things–10 Things I Say to My Sons Every Single Day …

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Good morning. I start our days the same every day — with a kind greeting and a hug. I may immediately launch into “OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS. WE ARE SO FREAKING LATE RIGHT NOW.” But not until after I've woken them up politely.

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Be nice to your brothers. Because this will not happen without constant reminders.

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Look at my face. I'm convinced they don't hear me unless I am bent down, eye to eye, breathing on their faces for impact.

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Stop screaming. They have two sound levels: asleep and screaming. That is all.

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Clean your plate. Usually, they remember; sometimes they forget. Regardless, I want them to know that they are expected to clean up behind themselves here and when they're guests at someone's home.

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How's your book? They always should be reading something. I remind them by asking them to tell me about it.

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Give me a hug. The affection level in our house is pretty high. We are constantly giving hugs, fist bumps, and high fives. It's a way of life.

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Put on your deodorant. There is no way they will do it if you don't say so. Not in the early phases anyway. I'm hoping they will grow into that responsibility.

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Pick up your Legos! Before I hurt someone. And by someone, I mean myself. I know one day I will miss the toy phase of life, but believe me when I say there will never be a time when I miss having Legos assaulting my feet all over the house.

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I love you. I don't just want them to feel it, I want them to hear it and know it's OK to say it when you mean it.

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Tell us what you say to your kids every single day.

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10 Things I Say to My Sons Every Day

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