10 Perfect Baby Names for Romantics

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I think all baby names are inspired by love because, if we as parents didn't love the name, we likely wouldn't have chosen it for our child. If you want your baby to not only know a lot of love went into their name choice, but that it's also inspired by love itself, there are some names that will drive that point home.

If you consider yourself a hopeless romantic or you just think there should me more of that in the world, give your baby a name that is inspired by all that.

Check out these 10 baby names inspired by the most romantic love stories, books, and things around us.

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Inspired by Romantic Flowers

Lily: There is something about the shorter names for girls that just make them sound more romantic. Inspired by one of the more romantic flowers, this name will fit the baby with a kind heart and loving spirit.

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Iris: It's not a name you hear too much, but the flower is romantic and popular. I love the old-time sound to this name, and the older classics are getting more popular now.

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Lila: A play off the gorgeous flower lilac, this name is beautiful and totally romantic-sounding on its own.

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Inspired by Romantic Books

Heathcliff and Catherine: An older book but a huge classic is Wuthering Heights, and the love story between Heathcliff and Catherine is so romantic. Heathcliff is adorable because it's not too common and you can use the nickname “Heath” if you like shorter names.

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Bella: It's a popular name for a reason, and if you like names that are classic and long-standing, this is a great choice. Inspired by the romantic teen books Twilight, which has a love story from out of this world.

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Christian: The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is set to release soon, and the lead character oozes romance — when you look behind all the acts. It's a lovely name for a boy, and it will suit well into adulthood.

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Inspired by Romantic Singers

Taylor: She's not been around for as long as some other love singers, but Taylor Swift has made a huge impact. This name is a clear winner because it can be used for boy or girl and they'll be just as loved as Ms. Swift.

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Whitney: One of the most famous romance singers of all time is the late Whitney Houston. Her songs are iconic, and they're nothing but love. This is a beautiful and classic name to give your baby, and it's not too popular and won't land on any “strange baby name” list.

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Stevie: Another wonderful singer, and this name is perfect because it's also unisex — it would make a strong boy's name or an adorable name for a little girl.

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What are your favorite romantic names? Share in the comments!

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10 Perfect Baby Names for Romantics

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