10 New Year’s Inspired Baby Names

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I love this time of year as we begin to ring in the New Year. New possibilities and dreams start to swim around, and so much is ahead of us. If you've had a hard year behind you, you can look forward to all the amazing things that will come in the fresh year to come. And if you're about to welcome new life into the world, it's going to be one of your best years yet.

Choosing a name for your baby is not easy, but inspiration is everywhere — even in the seasons. If you love the New Year as much as I do, why not look for baby names that remind you of the happy new beginnings?

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Check out these 10 baby names inspired by the New Year. You just may find the perfect one for your baby.


I love this name because it's one of the calendar names that isn't used too often, yet it isn't too strange. It's the month of new dreams, beginnings, and it's a great name for a sweet girl.


I love this name because, while typically given to a girl, it can work magically for a boy as well. The Hebrew translation is “Gift from God” and just gives a feel for a happy new beginning.

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The year to come is full of hope and happy beginnings, and nothing is more hopeful than a new baby. It's the perfect name for a sweet, caring girl.


The name, which means “princess to blossom,” just screams New Year happiness and blossoming possibilities. I love that it's not common, yet so pretty!


When I think of the name “Neo,” I think of the character in the Matrix series, but since it means “gift” or “new,” it's perfect for anyone wanting to pay homage to the New Year.

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Nadia translates to “hope,” and if your New Year's resolution includes going after all your hopes and dreams, what better way to begin that than with this beautiful girl's name?


This boy's name is one that was on a short list for when I was naming my kids. While it didn't end up making the cut, it's perfect for someone who is looking for inspiration from this season. It means “fortunate” or “happy,” which are both qualities you'd want for your child.


If you're a fan of Sons of Anarchy, you've probably heard this name, even though it's not common. According to Nameberry, it means “breath,” so it can give you new air for the New Year.

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For anyone who likes the more traditional and common names, there are some that can have the spirit of the New Year as well, like Matthew. It means “Gift of God,” just like Mika, but it's not as unique.


I am a huge fan of this name and think it should become a little more common, especially for fans of Benedict Cumberbatch. If you're looking for a name for your son, this one means “blessed,” just like the amazing year you're about to have.

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What are your favorite names inspired by the New Year? Share in the comments!

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10 New Year’s Inspired Baby Names

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