10 Kid Moments That Are Total And Complete Heartbreakers

swoon-worthy moments with children
Image via Galit Breen

Valentine's Day thoughts tend to swirl around cards and candy and hearts. But it's also the perfect time to be reminded that these kids of ours can be total and complete heartbreakers. I found ten swoon-worthy moments that mothers captured of their kids.

Image via Angela Youngblood

Angela Youngblood is a freelance writer who documents the often hilarious adventures of her family of six on her blog Jumping With My Fingers Crossed and on Instagram.

Image via Elaine Alguire

Elaine Alguire is an uprooted Texan living in Cajun country with her three awesome kiddos and one handsome husband. When not writing or photographing her kids or other people, she is blogging at The Miss Elaine-ous Life or hanging out on Instagram.

Image via Greta

Greta blogs about her gluten free life with four kids in the Kansas countryside at her blog G*Funkified and shares many moments of her days on Instagram.

Image via Tonya D. Wertman

Tonya D. Wertman is an OC mom to two, a reluctant dog owner, lover of Dave Matthews, an obsessive picture taker and a blogger sharing her stories in words and photos at Letters for Lucas and on Instagram.

Image via Sara Mutchler

Sara Mutchler is a stay-at-home momma of two spunky kiddos who happen to be 11 months apart. When she's not chasing them around you can typically find her reading, writing or tweeting … and always accessorized. You can find Sara on her blog Writing With Bangles and on Instagram.

Image via Shell

Shell is a work-at-home mom of three boys (and one cat who thinks he's human). She writes about parenting on Things I Can't Say and shares the sports mom life on The Soccer Moms. You can find her on her sites and on Instagram.

Image via Amanda Magee

Amanda Magee is raising her three daughters with her husband in Upstate New York where they own an advertising & design agency called Trampoline. You can find her on her blog and on Instagram.


Amanda writes a humor parenting blog about raising three sons while maintaining a devotion to insanely cute shoes. You can find her on her blog DudeMom.com and on Instagram.

Image via Brenda Score

Brenda Score believes that deliciousness is meant to be shared. You can find her recipe box and a little of her everyday life on her blog a farmgirl's dabbles and on Instagram.

Image via Stephanie Dulli

Stephanie Dulli is recovering actress and photographer who explores motherhood at Stephanie Says and over-grams on Instagram.

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What heartbreakingly sweet moments do you love to capture?

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10 Kid Moments That Are Total And Complete Heartbreakers

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