10 Holiday-Inspired Baby Names

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This time of year always makes me feel warm and fuzzy, but not because I am a festive person — I'm not. The holiday season is fun for getting together with family and friends, and the food is hard to say no to, but this time of year holds a different reason for happiness.

I celebrate the birthdays of my two boys all within two weeks of Christmas, and I can't help but feel all the feels! I loved being pregnant, and the smell of the snow and all the lights and decorations everywhere brings me right back to holding my fresh newborns in my arms.

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If you're a fan of this season as well and you're still looking for the perfect name for your baby, check out these holiday-inspired names that will give you warm fuzzies for life.

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I can't hear this name without thinking of mistletoe, and there's no other time of year quite like this one when we see mistletoe.

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People often use ivy to decorate their house and food with during the holiday season — it makes everything look amazing and festive. It's the perfect name for a child who brings beauty and happiness to your life.

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A shortened take on Menorah, this beautiful girl's name has holiday spirit all over it.

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If you celebrate Hanukkah, you'll probably be lighting your candles with olive oil, as was traditionally done. The name Olive is gaining in popularity and is totally appropriate for this time of year.

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A play on Bethlehem, Beth doesn't scream holidays, but there is some fun influence there.

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You can't celebrate Hanukkah without the dreidel, and the name Dreydan has a subtle similarity to the popular Jewish toy.

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Nicholas is not an uncommon name, and you probably won't always associate with this time of year, but when Christmas comes, Nicholas (as in Saint Nick) will probably come to mind at least once.

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When you talk to kids about Christmas and how Santa gets all the toys out to the kids around the world, we know he can't do without the help of elves. Elden means “From the elves' valley.”

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There is just so much beauty in this name, even if it's for a boy. It sounds festive and has a miracle flair about it. It's the Old Testament name for “Messiah” and comes from a Hebrew name, meaning “God is with us.”

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If you celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, Christian is a totally fitting name for this time of year to give to your darling baby boy.

What is your favorite holiday-inspired baby name? Share in the comments!

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10 Holiday-Inspired Baby Names

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