10 Healthy Snacks Your Toddler Will Actually Eat

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Trying to get your toddler to eat can be a super frustrating time. One minute they'll eat anything you give them and the next second they only want to eat foods that are blue, or refuse to eat anything healthy at all.

You shouldn't have to worry though because there are some snacks that you can get your toddler to eat. Tried and trusted, here are 10 snacks your kid will actually eat. But, they're also healthy.

Image via Flickr/ donnierayjones

Apple chips

Toddlers love chips, but these are better than potatoes. Apple chips are easy to make and toddlers love to eat them up and you'll be thrilled to make them over and over.

Need a recipe? Check it out on AllRecipes.

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Raspberry oatmeal cookies

Cookies and toddlers go together like coffee and parenthood, and no kid can say no to the incredible taste combination of raspberries and oatmeal. Bonus points for you because these are good for you.

Need a recipe? Check it out on Amy's Healthy Baking.

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Baked carrot sticks

If your toddler is a fan of fries, this is a perfect (healthier) alternative they will love to eat and you'll feel comfortable feeding them.

Need a recipe? Check it out on Taste of Home.

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Chocolate avocado pudding

Chocolate pudding is amazing and toddlers know it. But, this recipe is so good they won't know it's basically dressed up avocado. It tastes like the real thing, but it is so much healthier.

Need a recipe? Check it out on The Food Network.

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Cheese strings

Cheese can offer a protein boost, but if you have trouble getting your toddler to eat it, get them a cheese string and they'll be happy to peel and eat.

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Yogurt smoothie

If you can't get your toddler to eat a healthy snack, make it taste like ice cream–they'll drink it and you can hide the healthy. Dress it up with a spiral straw and they'll ask for it daily.

Need a recipe? Check it out on Food.com.

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Plum Kids Organic Fruit & Veggie Shredz

If you find a snack your toddler can play with while they eat, they'll be sold. This product is filled with healthy fruits and vegetables, easy to take on the go, and well, they'll love it.

Want to try it out? Check it out on Plum Organics.

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Hummus and crackers

Hummus is super healthy and you can cater the recipe to what your picky toddler will or won't eat. Try something plain or add in extra flavors like garlic or cumin. Pair with Goldfish crackers or slices of cucumber.

Need a recipe? Check it out on Weelicious.

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Graham crackers and peanut butter

Graham crackers and peanut butter are the perfect little snack for after sports or running around outside. It's also perfect for their little hands and they'll eat it up.

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Whole grain cereal and walnuts

Make your own little trail mix for your toddler and they'll love picking out all the different tastes and textures. You can switch it up depending on what your toddler likes. Try mixed cereal or nuts, or adding dried cranberries or raisins, too.

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What is your toddler's favorite snack? Share in the comments!

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10 Healthy Snacks Your Toddler Will Actually Eat

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