10 Fun and Affordable Last-Minute Gifts for the Family

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The holiday gifting season can quickly get expensive if you're a family with a lot of gifts to buy.

We have a number of friends with whom we exchange gifts and, as awesome as it would be to purchase an individual something (or even DIY something, but who has the time?!) for each individual family member, doing so can get costly and time consuming to create quickly.

Instead, consider a family gift that everyone will be able to enjoy together.

Here are 10 easy to obtain and relatively affordable gifting ideas.

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A Membership.

Local attractions, like zoos, museums, and even swimming pools often offer family memberships that can really save a family who enjoys visiting over time. If the family on your gift list enjoys hitting the local children's museum or exploring the area zoo, consider gifting them a membership. It's the gift that keeps giving!

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Movie Tickets.

Movie buffs like us LOVE when people buy our family gift certificates so we can head to the theater together. With five members in our family, tickets, popcorn, candy, and drinks can reach nearly $100 a visit!

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family video game
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A family-friendly video game.

If you have a gamer family on your list, get something they can enjoy together. Group games that are rated E for Everyone are a great gift idea that they enjoy together. Need a recommendation? Wii Party, Family Game Night 4, and Just Dance 2015 are good options!

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A board game.

For families who enjoy unplugging, a board game is always a great gift idea. My family is not big on word games and, because of the age difference, strategy games are sometimes a challenge. We do enjoy a good get up and move game though. Cuponk is one my Dudes have loved for ages and Blue Orange makes a number of titles they dig as well.

kid cooking
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For families on your list who enjoy being in the kitchen together, this is a fun monthly subscription program for kids where cooking is the goal. They box up kid-sized tools, recipes, fun activity sheets, and everything mom and dad need to create a positive, healthy, food-fueled experience in the kitchen.

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A subscription to Netflix.

Give them the gift of family movie night on the comfort of their own couch. It's cool, too, because if they have devices they can log in and use it on those when they travel.

popcorn gift
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A popcorn maker.

It goes perfectly with that family movie night you got them. And, if they like sweets, an ice cream maker is a great alternative.

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fruit gift basket
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A fruit basket.

I know, snore. But. I kid you not, we are still talking about the delicious one someone sent our family.

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Parent's Night Out.

Offer to babysit and set up a fun night in for the kids (think craft night, movie night, or fort-in-the-living-room-with-a-massive-sword-fight-option night) at your house while mom and dad head out for a much needed date night. Make it a sleepover and you will for real be the best friends ever.

apple tv
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Apple TV.

It will set you back $99 but it's a gift that keeps on giving to the tech-loving family. Plus, when you break it down, if you're gifting a family of five, that's only about $20/person. Kind of a bargain when you look at it like that!

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10 Fun and Affordable Last-Minute Gifts for the Family

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