10 Flower-Inspired Baby Names

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If you're looking for baby name inspiration, the prettiest things in the world are the best place to start looking. When I think of flowers, they always bring happy thoughts to my head. From their delicate shape, their gorgeous smell, and the pretty names they've been given, they're perfect inspiration for your growing baby.

Check out these 10 baby names that should be in the running for a top name choice for your little boy or girl.

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The dahlia flower is this beautiful round bright pink flower that blooms continuously — just like the beauty of your child.



This gorgeous, unique name can be used for boy or girl and is inspired by the linden tree, which is often used in teas.

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This flower is another one that blooms bright pink. Its sweet scent and delicate petals are just so feminine.



These flowers have so much elegance. It's easy to see why it's a favorite name for little girls and has been for a while.

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I love this name for a little boy because it's strong, yet not too common. Named after the pretty, purple aster flower, it's an excellent option for anyone looking for something a little different.



Bright red and hard to miss, the poppy is an excellent choice for a family who is not afraid to make a statement — whether that be in the clothes they wear or the name they give their little daughter.

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It may seem like a far stretch, but Antonio is related to the Greek Athos, which means flower. It's a beautiful name for a young boy that doesn't come off too feminine.



This name saw a little more popularity after a celebrity baby was given this name years ago. It's a very beautiful name in its own right and means red rose in Persian.

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There is so much classic beauty in this name, and it's fit for any little girl that loves to stand out for all the right reasons. Named after the bright, happy marigold flower, it's a surprise it's not more popular.



Coming from the Hebrew translation, Jarred means red rose, and yet this name just screams perfection for a boy. I love that it's a little unique, but sounds like it can also stand the test of time.

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Do you like flower-inspired names? What's your favorite? Share in the comments!

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10 Flower-Inspired Baby Names

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