10 Chilled-Out Baby Names That May Help You Find Your Zen

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It probably won't come as a surprise if I tell you that adding a baby to your family should come with the understanding that you'll be adding some stress, too. Babies are wonderful for an unnumbered amount of reasons, but they're also unpredictable.

Many new parents stress over trying to figure out why their baby is crying, why they can't seem to get more than a few hours of sleep, why their coffee isn't strong enough. And over time, all that totally normal new-parent stress can weigh you down.

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I'm not saying this works, but maybe if you gave your baby a totally calm, cool, and collected name, they'd sync up their personality to match it, and you'll have a totally Zen baby. Even if that's not a total guarantee, these calm baby names, at the very least, can help chill you out when you totally need it.


A dashing English name that means “from the peaceful farm,” it's a strong name (with my favorite “ton” ending), and with it, your boy can help you breathe in … and breathe out, even when he's in his terrible twos.


Short and sweet, this can be your little boy's full name or a fun short name for Fitzgerald. Originating as a German name that means “peaceful ruler,” if he brings you some calmness, it's totally fitting (because he will rule your world for a long time).

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Your mind may go to Game of Thrones, where House Tully is totally known, but originating as a Gaelic name meaning “peaceful,” this is the perfect name for a darling little boy.

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A sweet girl name that you don't hear too often (and you know I like that), this Celtic name meaning “spirit” might be the answer your soul was looking for and help you find that inner Zen.

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According to Nameberry, this name is “a variation of Imani, meaning ‘faith'” and means “wishes” or “aspirations.” While you're up for countless hours with your gorgeous new girl, you can think about all the dreams of the future.


This Hebrew name means “delicate,” and if you're lucky, your daughter will be delicate with you as you try to figure out what you're doing as a new parent.


It's hard to get frustrated with someone who is named Peace — really, it just is.

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Most often you'll hear parents say that despite their newborn taking a real bite out of sleep and scheduling, they have a bigger sense of meaning and harmony. It's a beautiful name for a sweet girl who makes your family feel full.

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A Japanese name that means “peaceful forest” is perfect for anyone who already finds comfort in the outdoors and especially in a forested area. If you tend to get flashbacks to when you watched The Blair Witch Project by yourself at night, you may want to steer clear.

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This name is so gorgeous sounding, and since it means “Father of Peace,” your little boy may just switch roles on you a bit and teach you the ways of finding peace and calm.

What is your favorite chilled-out baby name? Share in the comments!

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10 Chilled-Out Baby Names That May Help You Find Your Zen

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