10 Beachy Baby Names to Show Off Your Love of Summer

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When I think of summer, scents of coconut and sand come to mind and it always makes me smile. It's not my favorite season (that's reserved for spring) but there is always so much happiness during the warmer months of the year.

If you're looking for baby name inspiration and you want to pull from something that makes you, and so many other people, feel happy, relaxed, and stress-free, summer and the beach are the perfect places to look.

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Check out these 10 beachy baby names that are perfect for your summer-born baby — or your winter-born when you need a little sunshine.

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This adorable name for a boy means “sea tide” and it's not too common so, if that's a worry of yours, this is perfect.

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A gorgeous Hawaiian name that means “the sea” is everything in a perfect beachy baby name.

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This name has a beautiful ring to it, and sounds fancy and feminine. It also happens to mean “shining sea” in Latin.

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You can't think beach and not go to Disney's “The Little Mermaid.” It's the perfect name for your own little princess who has a strong, powerful voice.

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This Hebrew name means “water” and is a great option if you have a preference for shorter more feminine sounding names.

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A perfectly short boy's name that just makes you think of the beach and all the sea creatures under the water.

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Z-names are not too common, but they're often powerful and memorable. Zale, which means “sea strength” is an awesome combination of unique and memorable.

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The name, which means “little seal” has just the right beachy feel where you know where the inspiration came from, but others may not find it's secret meaning.

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Such a gorgeous name for a little girl that has the perfect balance of unique and romantic. The Persian name means “the sea,” so it's perfect.

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This name can totally be used for a boy or girl, and there's no doubt it's summer-inspired. The masculine and unique sound makes it perfect for the super beach fanatic.

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What is your favorite beachy baby name? Did you give your baby a name inspired by the beach? Share in the comments below!

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10 Beachy Baby Names to Show Off Your Love of Summer

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