10 Baby Names That Will Hit Big This Year

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I am no baby name guru, but when it comes to predicting which names are going to be hits and which ones are going to fade into the background, I love to pretend I am.

Now that it's 2015, new baby names are going to reign supreme and we'll see names rise and fall in the year's best (and worst) lists for names and sometimes it's simple to understand why there are such big changes.

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I am no expert, like I said, but baby names are fun to talk about, and it's fun to guess which names we will start to see more of. I am not saying with 100% certainty these names will be more popular, but it will be fun to see this time next year if I am right.

Check out my list of 10 baby names that will rise in popularity this year and where the inspiration will come from.

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Trend: Movie and TV Inspiration

Names inspired by movies are going to continue to resonate with parents who are naming their baby, just as it has the past few years. This year, we're going to see a lot of names from popular movies that are about to drop into theaters including Selma, Cinderella, and the next installment of The Hunger Games, as well as a television series people can't stop talking about.

Alma: A movie series is out — I'm not sure if you've heard of it — it's book that hit huge as well. Just a little one called The Hunger Games. OK, so I'm kidding a little, because if you've not heard of it, or the awesome that is Katniss, I assume you've been busy with something else. We've seen the main character's name, Katniss, take on popularity in baby name lists, and this year, with the next installment of the movie dropping into theatres later this year, we're going to see a rise in the name Alma, inspired by President Alma Coin.

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Tommen: I am obsessed with HBO's show Game of Thrones, and if you haven't seen it yet, you need to get on that right now and catch up. The story is not only awesome, but there are some great names in the characters, and we've seen some of them inspire popular names in past years. This year, we're going to see Tommen's name jump in popularity since it's his time to shine.

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Trend: Celebrity and Royal Inspiration


People love celebrity baby names because we love both picking them apart for being completely strange and using their names as a jumping-off point for picking a name we love. This year isn't going to be any different. In fact, we will see a lot more celebrity- and royal-inspired names because they're just getting more unique and, well, lovely.

Reign: You either love the Kardashian clan or you hate them, but either way, their baby names are ones that always seem to strike up a conversation, and Kourtney's third child with Scott Disick is no exception. It's the perfect combination of royal and celebrity, and the name Reign will, well, reign this year for baby names.

Delta: No, not the airline, but once Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard named their new baby girl Delta, I knew this name was going to soar. They're a ridiculously loveable couple with a cute chosen baby name, so it's the perfect recipe for baby popularity.

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Diana: With the royal baby on the way, people are predicting that, if it's a girl, she will be named (or be given the middle name) of the Duke of Cambridge's late mother, Princess Diana. Because of this and the excitement of another royal baby, I predict we're going to see this name spike in popularity!

Yet-to-be-determined name of the Second baby of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge : So, they're expecting another baby, and I don't know the name yet, but I have a feeling that, whatever it is, it will become really popular in the last half of the year.

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Trend: Old Classic Names Will Be Back

Old classic names are establishing their comeback, and with people looking further and further back for names that aren't as popular now, but not totally strange, they are making their big hit now. People are going to comb through their family tree to find names that are important in their own history and will be breathing some new life into “old lady” and “old men” names.

Silas: This name was popular way back in the day — I'm talking the 1800s back — but if you look at the chart for popularity, Silas is slowly rising, and I predict that, throughout the year 2015, we'll see an even larger spike of babies with this name.

Walter: The name is awesome and will strike a chord if you're a fan of the show Breaking Bad, but he's not really a character you want to name your child after. Nonetheless, this name needs a happy comeback, and I see it happening this year!

Alice: Alice was a name that was super popular back in the early 1900s, and I can really see this name making its great comeback now. It's adorable, timeless, and I can see many little Alices running around kindergarten in about five or six years.


Eleanor: I love the name Eleanor, and I have a feeling that many more people are going to soon as well. This name was popular in the '60s, and looking at the popularity chart, it's on the rise, so watch out!

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What names or naming trends to you think we'll be seeing this year? Share in the comments!

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10 Baby Names That Will Hit Big This Year

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