10 Baby Names We Predict Will Be Hot Next Year

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If you're having trouble believing the end of 2015 is just a few weeks away, you're not alone! Just when I thought we were wondering what baby names were going to be hot in 2015, the predictions for 2016 baby names are already in our minds.

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There is no real “science” when it comes to predicting which names are going to be more popular, but if next year is anything like the past, celebrities and TV are going to play a role in how names fare on the popularity scale.

If you're looking for a name that's not popular, but won't be long until it is, here are our predictions for the names that will be totally hot in 2016:

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While the word “Khaleesi” is technically a title that is equivalent to “queen,” Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, represents that title with power. And if the season goes the way I hope it goes, it's going to be her year!


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This name is so cute and not used enough, and with the nicknames-as-full-names trend is going to rise, so is this.

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It's a classic name in fashion, and with one celebrity hot couple bestowing this name on their new daughter, others are going to follow suit.


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With Kristin Cavallari giving her daughter this name and Bristol Palin saying she's already chosen this name for her soon-to-be-born daughter, this name is already on the rise.


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The singer is hot, hot, HOT right now, and there's no way she won't influence the baby name charts in 2016!


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This name is a play (different spelling and slightly different pronunciation) of Tommen, the king currently holding the throne on Game of Thrones.


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Gwen Stefani has a son with this name, and given the fact that she's all over the media (thanks to her new romance and music), the name is going to spike!

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Another celebrity is to thank for the prediction that Silas is going to rise in 2016. You can blame (or thank) Justin Timberlake.


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I love older-sounding names for boys, and this is one that is both adorable and older sounding. It also happens to be the name of Taylor Swift's boyfriend, which should help.


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It could be a short name for Holden but with a fun twist, and it's cute enough that it's time for it to become big.

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What are your predictions for names we'll see more often in 2016? Share in the comments!

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10 Baby Names We Predict Will Be Hot Next Year

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