10 Baby Names Inspired by Trees

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Inspiration is all around, us and now that the weather is nicer, we are reminded of the beauty that comes from trees.

Growing up, I used to think trees were magical. I know it sounds silly, but there was something about the large plants — so strong and different that I was always drawn to. I loved to sit outside under a tree on a sunny day with a book, and taking my kids to the park now, I still do the same thing.

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If you have a love for trees, they're full of inspiration for baby names. Check out these 10 baby names inspired by trees:

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Ash: Whether you choose this to be baby's full name or just a nickname, it's an excellent choice. It's not too common, and your child will be able to spell it no problem when they're older.

Elm: As long as your mind doesn't immediately go to Nightmare on Elm Street, this name could be perfect for a rambunctious little boy.

Forest/Forrest: Some people think forests are scary or haunted, but really, they're quite magical and the perfect name choice.

Leif/Leaf: It doesn't matter how you decide to spell it. Leif is a name that's not too common and not too out there, but totally cute.

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Apple: Who cares if a celebrity chose this name for her daughter? That doesn't mean you should totally discount this cute girl name!

Fern: Whether your love of this name is due to the fern tree or an affection for the story Charlotte's Web, this name is perfect because it's unique but normal.

Olive: A more modern take on the very popular name Olivia, inspired by the beautiful, green olive tree.

Willow: When I was a little girl, weeping willows held a magical power in my eyes because they looked like nothing else.

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Acacia: Named after a little shrub, this is a name we don't see a whole lot and could be perfect for a small girl.

Alder: I love this boy's name, but can't really explain it. It sounds like a name we'd hear in a mythical movie, but it totally works for today's time.

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What is your favorite tree-inspired baby name? Share in the comments!

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10 Baby Names Inspired by Trees

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