10 Baby Names Inspired by Disney

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I love a good baby name. Even before I am pregnant, I love to search out the most perfect names. There are many places to pull inspiration from; I like looking at our family tree and our history for common names and unusual ones, and I like to check out the popular names to make sure I stay away from those.

I also like to check out movies and classic stories to see if I can find that perfect name, and Disney has a lot to pull from. With all the movies they've put out and some pretty fun and memorable stories, there are some great baby names to pick from.

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If you're looking for the best baby name and need some inspiration, here are 10 names inspired by Disney classics — maybe you'll find the one that jumps out at you.

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This gorgeous girl's name is inspired by Daisy Duck, a classic Disney character that everyone loves.

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I am in love with this name and it can go well with either gender. Inspired by the Tiger sidekick in Aladdin, a name that's not too common.

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I love a classic, clean name for a boy and Marlin, which is inspired by Finding Nemo is pure perfection.

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I am pretty sure this name is going to spike huge in popularity over the next few years. Inspired by the wild hit Frozen, Elsa is a beautiful name.


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They don't get a lot of celebrity status in the movie Sleeping Beauty, but Fauna is one of those very important fairies who help out Prince Philip and the lovely Aurora.

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He is big, he is inspirational, and he is crazy lovable — perfect attributes for a baby boy. This name is inspired by the main character in Monster's Inc.

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This is another name that I just love and it's inspired by The Lion King — she is Simba's best friend!

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You can find some great inspiration for baby names from the animal sidekicks of well-loved Disney characters. This one, inspired by Tangled, is the loveable and fierce lizard.

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Everyone knows this loved Disney Princess and the name is totally fit for one. Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, Belle is perfect for your own royal beauty.

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Inspired by a protagonist in The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but your baby boy doesn't need to be mired in secrets to rock this name. I love it because it's a strong name, but it's not too common, which is perfect in my baby naming book.


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What are your favorite Disney inspired names? Share in the comments!

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10 Baby Names Inspired by Disney

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