10 Baby Names for Your Future CEO

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When it comes time to name your baby, choosing a name that will fit their personality and who you hope they become can seem daunting. If you want your child to climb the corporate ladder when they're older and take the business game by storm, their name will play a significant factor in their success.

Sure, their business know-how and take-charge attitude will carry them the furthest, but choosing a name that will get them noticed and taken seriously will really help. Choosing powerful, influential, and unique (not odd) names will do the trick!

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Check out these 10 baby names that are perfect for your future CEO:

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Inspired by the incredible Sheryl Sandburg, COO of Facebook, this name is the perfect mix of powerful and unique.

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This name is unique and inspired by the superstar CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi. Your daughter will have big shoes to fill.

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It may sound like a more old-school name, but that's why it's a perfect choice. You don't hear it often, except if you know the powerhouse CEO of Kraft offshoot Mondel?z International, Irene Rosenfeld. Plus, it's easy to spell.

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It's not too sweet, but inspired by Anne Sweeney, a past co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney-ABC Television Group, it's the perfect choice for a powerful girl.


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Who better to name your daughter after than the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki? It's a name you won't hear too often on a modern baby-name list, but it's not a name you have to stretch to remember.

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It's such a classic boy's name that hasn't gone out of style since it' emerged. Sharing a name with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, isn't bad either.

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Whether you choose to call him Andrew or Andy, this name is perfectly fit for a future CEO. Just ask Groupon's founder, Andrew Mason.

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Another strong male name and inspired by Under Armour's creator, Kevin Plank, your son will have someone to look up to in the business world.

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A firm name that has been on the popular baby-name lists for a while, but it's rare to see it in the top 10. It's also a perfect choice for your future CEO because it has a lot of successful men with the same name, including Chris Salgardo, the CEO of Kiehl's.

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If your family loves cars and you want your son to grow up with the same love and climb to be CEO one day, why not name him after Stephan Winkelmann, the CEO and President of Italian sports car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini?

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What name strikes you as perfect for a future CEO? Share in the comments!

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10 Baby Names for Your Future CEO

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