6 Pregnancy Myths Revealed

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You are pregnant. Normally, this means that you are undeniably privy to hearing all the old wives tales, myths, and secrets to pregnancy that range from revealing the sex of your baby to how much hair your baby will have upon delivery. 

Does Carrying Low Mean I am Carrying a Boy? Older women will rub your belly and say, “Wow, you’re carrying low, so you must be a having a boy.” Or vice versa. The truth is that every woman carries her baby differently and will carry one baby differently than she does a second or third. The way your tummy looks has more to do with how the baby is positioned in your uterus than the sex of the baby. It is also based on your height, weight, and how far along you are, as well as some predetermined genetics.

Which pregnancy myths  are true, and which are not?

 In fact, there are plenty of myths specific to gender. The raw truth is that just because the needles hung over your belly at your shower seemed to sway in one direction or another doesn’t necessarily mean you will have a boy or a girl. Most of the people who believe in that sort of stuff only do because it worked for them. Yet, I have had four children and it wasn’t right in any case. If you want to know the sex, ask the ultrasound tech to tell you. (Although, it’s more fun to guess.)

Fast Heartbeat Means a Female. Wrong again! Most fetuses start out with extremely high heart rates that seem to settle around the 150 mark prior to delivery. This myth has been born out of the fact that woman have higher heart rates than men. However, when it comes to your baby in utero – this isn’t a good predictor.

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Will Raising My Arms Cause My Babies Cord to Become Entangled and Lead To Miscarriage? Okay, my mother-in-law was constantly after me when I was pregnant about raising my arms. If she saw me putting away a dish on the top shelf she would gasp and say, “Honey – don’t raise your arms above your head – it will tangle the umbilical cord!” Since the thought scared me to death, I asked my doctor and here’s the real scoop: Umbilical cords tangle because of fetal movement – NOT maternal movement. It is also more common for babies with really long cords to be born with it around their legs, arms, torso, etc. There is nothing that you can do about it. Luckily, doctors can monitor you for this through ultrasound and fetal wellness tests. So while you shouldn’t be lifting heavy objects above your head or over exerting yourself, raising your arms to stretch or do some prenatal yoga isn’t going to threaten your pregnancy.


What do you think?

6 Pregnancy Myths Revealed

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  1. Erin says:

    My mom and grandma don’t want me to find out the sex of the baby. They say, “When I was pregnant we weren’t even able to find out the sex until they were born.” My husband and I want to find out as soon as we can! Modern technology is a fabulous thing. Why not take advantage of it?

  2. Jenette says:

    I had horrible heartburn with my daughter. She was born bold. Lol. Now with my son I have horrible everything. I’m hairy.

  3. I’ve learned that scientifically, how babies are carried does not determine gender at all. Remember, babies move a lot. turning and all.

  4. Jessica says:

    I don’t get the one tooth one baby myth.. Does it mean that if the woman only has one tooth then she also has one baby?

  5. Kelly says:

    I had constant heartburn with all 4 of my pregnancies and all my babies were bald! This one so far has been the same with the heart burn and I am sure genetics will hold true too and I will have another bald baby 🙂 lol

  6. Alanna says:

    I’m having heartburn.. I guess we’ll see.

  7. Jessica says:

    I don’t want to know the gender of my baby until the baby is born. Most of my family is on pins and needles, wanting to find out (and I’m only 14 weeks along), so every time I’ve gone to a doctor, they are asking about the heartbeat and are just waiting to see how I will carry the baby! It’s funny to see all of their reactions!

  8. These were kind of cool and good to find out about.

  9. rashawn says:

    i had non stop heartburn with my son …he had a full head of hair…and this go round is worse

  10. Lindsay says:

    I had horrible heart burn with my daughter, and sure enough she had a full head of hair!

  11. sheenaholman says:

    Myths are still fun even if they arent true!

  12. gfeld says:

    Hilarious myths! Gave me a good laugh!

  13. Marilyn says:

    These are crazy! lol

  14. Bethany says:

    When I was pregnant the first time, the heartbeat was always high so my mother-in-law said that it would be a girl. We didn’t know the gender until the birth, and it turned out to be a boy. With this pregnancy, we’re also not finding out the gender until the birth. I think that people believe what they really want to in terms of wishful thinking for the gender that they would like.

  15. I never knew about the arms over your head myth that’s new to me and also the heartburn one hmmm…

  16. Dario says:

    She’s carrying high and Dr. says it’s a girl

  17. Tina says:

    I have been told about three of theses myths through my first three pregnancies. I am sure I will hear it again from the elders.

  18. Blessed says:

    I am SOOOOO glad that they explained the arms over your head myth! I just went to a doctors appointment this past week and I allowed my husband AND his mom to go along. When the doctor mentioned this myth, my mother in law tried to challenge him on that’s what she’s always been told and it happened to her, so she doesn’t believe it’s a myth. Talking about awkward! For the sake of the disagreement, I told her we’ll google it when we get home……

    So, I am so grateful to hear that this is NOT true, and needless to say…I’ll be going to all my other appointments without my mother in law present! (Is that mean?) lol!

  19. Dario says:

    I think its a boy…

  20. lindsey says:

    Well I may be a first time mom but I believe if these things are proven not to be true, then obviously they’re not true. Sometimes things happen out of the ordinary but that don’t mean every woman will be the same, almost all pregnancies are different. Just because these things have happened once before doesn’t mean it will happen the same way every time.

  21. Theresa says:

    with my 2nd pregnancy, i had zero heartburn and my daughter was born with a full head of hair. my 1st, I had heartburn every day and my son came out with half a head of hair (but he was a preemie)

  22. Marina says:

    They do sound silly.

  23. Karly says:

    With my first pregnancy I had almost no heartburn and my daughter had a full head of hair. My second, I pretty much lived off tums, and she was also born with a full head of hair.

  24. I had constant and nearly unbearable heartburn my entire pregnancy and my son was born with a tiny little tuft of blond hair smack dab on the soft spot on the top of his head.

  25. Marilyn says:

    I’ve always thought the myths were really stupid. My mother says a lot of dumb old wives tales and it gets pretty irritating lol. Example "If you crave pineapple, eat it or your baby will come out with a pineapple face." -_-


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