Single Parents: The Truth Behind Cultural Stigmas

smiling womanAs single parents, we often face stigmas in our community, and sometimes we even stigmatize ourselves. The fact is most of these stigmas are based on old fashion myths and stereotypes that no longer hold water in the real world. The following information will debunk the myths that we, as a society, place on single parents.

Stigma: Single parents are alone. Although you may feel you are the lone single parent in the room at the PTA mixer, you are not alone. In fact, an astounding 59 percent of minor children in the U.S. live in single parent homes. So, you are in fact the majority!

Stigma: Single parents are bad parents. Many people would love to believe that all the children of single parents are emotionally and behaviorally defunct. Or, that crime can solely be blamed on the children of single parents. However, there has never been any legitimate study to prove this theory. The greater majority of children raised in single parent households turn out to be respectable, intelligent adults that contribute to society in a positive way.

Stigma: Kids need two parents. Many single parents remarry quickly in an attempt to provide their child with a parent of the opposite sex. Although studies have shown that kids benefit from both male and female role models in their family unit, that role model can also be an aunt, uncle, friend, or grandparent. It is better to raise a child in a single parent home than a loveless home or a home in emotional turmoil.

Stigma: Single parents are irresponsible. In most cases this is actually the opposite. Most single parents are forced to be highly responsible, vigilant, and organized. There is no study that shows all single parents neglect their kids. The idea that single parents put their own fun or their work before their children's well-being is myth.

Stigma: Single parents resent their situation. Not all single parents are upset or resentful about going it alone. In fact, some prefer to, or have chosen to be single parents. A recent study suggested that the overwhelming majority of single parents felt positively about their family life.

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Single Parents: The Truth Behind Cultural Stigmas

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  1. Profile photo of sej518 sej518 says:

    About to be a single momma and proud of it! The father doesn’t want anything to do with me or the baby when she is born and I plan to hold him to that. He will not be getting a chance to swoop in just because guilt sunk in. I want my daughter to have a loving home and not one that is full of the mess that would involve her deadbeat dad.

  2. Profile photo of Brittney Brittney says:

    I am glad I found this, this article has many helpful points.


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