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  1. Profile photo of denette87 denette87 says:

    I love finding new recipes and slightly changing them to make it my own.

  2. Profile photo of Aiden Aiden says:

    I saw this huge water melon at the farm for five bucks. I am going to get me one. Nothing like water from nature. Was looking for coconut water with the sugar, can’t seem to locate it

  3. Profile photo of Aiden Aiden says:

    How about a cherry cheese cake. Yummy. I looove it

  4. Profile photo of monette3 monette3 says:

    Looks yummy and easy! Need to try.

  5. Profile photo of Dawn Dawn says:

    Im having trouble bringing up a recipe, from a video I watched. Mexican lasagne. A bit frustrating. I like to print them out, not copy while watching the video. hmmmmmm

  6. Profile photo of EbyMom EbyMom says:

    am definitely going to try this recipe. it is simply and also healthy.I bet kids will love it

  7. Profile photo of Amy Amy says:

    looks rich willing to try

  8. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    Looks super delicious!

  9. Profile photo of annabelle annabelle says:

    i cant wait to make this.. 🙂

  10. Profile photo of Janice Janice says:

    Whoops, I guess that Shepherds pie was a Bob Evans recipe!

  11. Profile photo of Janice Janice says:

    I like this slow cooker recipe section of Everyday Family online Cookbook!.

  12. Profile photo of Amy Amy says:

    looking forward to making these

  13. Profile photo of Janice Janice says:

    Soup Essentials-Good for cold rainy days!

    Hearty Pasta Fagiole with Ham
    Winter Root Vegetable and Ham Soup

    (Family Features) Few things warm your body and soul quite like a bowl of hot and hearty soup on a chilly day. Don’t be left out in the cold this winter. Make sure you have a pantry stocked with the right ingredients to make a delicious, comforting soup any time your taste buds desire. Here’s what you need:

    Grains and Legumes – Grains, pastas and legumes are a must. They offer filling fiber along with great taste and texture.

    Brown rice
    Long grain rice
    Small pastas such as orzo or ditalini
    Egg noodles
    Canned beans such as pinto, black, cannellini/white kidney, and lentils
    Quinoa or barley

    Vegetables – Adding two or three vegetables to a recipe brings color, flavor and vitamins to your soup.

    Roasted peppers
    Canned corn
    Canned tomatoes
    Dried mushrooms

    Broths and Stocks – For an inexpensive way to season your soup, make your own stock and freeze it for whenever you need it. You can also buy broth at the grocery store and save in your pantry until needed. Either way, make sure to keep a variety on hand for different kinds of soup.

    Low sodium chicken broth or stock
    Beef broth or stock
    Vegetable broth or stock
    Soup bases, such as turkey, chicken or beef

    Proteins – Make sure to hold onto your leftovers. Ham, bacon, turkey, chicken, beef and sausage can all be great flavor additions. These two soup recipes will help you enjoy every last bite of your remaining Smithfield ham and its rich, smoky flavor.

    Stock up on soup essentials today so you can enjoy the perfect soup any time you want. You can find more recipes and tips like these at

  14. Profile photo of neisha neisha says:

    I shared but didnt get my badge

  15. Profile photo of Courtney Courtney says:

    Great recipes! Can’t wait to try them!

  16. The Chocolate Almond Bark is yummy

  17. Profile photo of MommyMarcoux MommyMarcoux says:

    My kids just LOVED the Corn Doggies! They thought the name was funny, too. It made a fun little lunch for them, and anything that gets both of my picky little eaters to enjoy the same meal makes me happy. 🙂

  18. Profile photo of debbie debbie says:

    cranberry orange bread: my favorite


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