Protection from April Showers and Other Spring Weather

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The end of winter is a beautiful thing, but it can also bring some not-so-beautiful weather. Rain, snow (especially if you're in Minnesota), wind, sleet… spring has everything. And when you have a newborn, you want to protect them from every drop and every breeze! At least I did. Here are a few items you can find to help you protect your newborn from the spring elements.

Clip-on umbrella shade or sun shield for strollers: You can find umbrellas made specifically for strollers. Their handles are clips, and you can place it in the optimal position to protect your little one from the sun's harsh rays or from rain. You can also purchase sun shields. Check out your stroller brand to see if it requires a shade in the same brand.

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Car seat bunting bags: These are those cozy covers that fit right over your infant car seat. They can be fleece or other fabrics, have little peek-a-boo windows, and the elastic around the edges make it a snug fit for safety. This is great for chilly spring weather or rain.

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Protection from April Showers and Other Spring Weather

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  1. Profile photo of allie_cat allie_cat says:

    my son has gotten so sick so many times im completely sick of winter now

  2. Profile photo of Amy Amy says:

    carseat covers are great

  3. Profile photo of JamJam JamJam says:

    just bought a bunch of maternity clothes at motherhood and got a gift card for a free car seat cover!! i definitely will be getting it!!

  4. Profile photo of Grace Grace says:

    i want to get a carseat cover

  5. Profile photo of HMomOf4 HMomOf4 says:

    these are great tips! Now i guess we double up for winter!

  6. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    I am due on August 18th. I have my diaper bag packed including sunscreen in the mix. I will just be glad to get her home from the hospital.

  7. Profile photo of Angela Angela says:

    I am so happy my baby hasn’t gotten sick yet. I like to always have extra blankets/clothes in case they are needed.

  8. This is great news for new parents and parents that have babys.


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