Social Development

Your preschooler is undoubtedly full of energy and personality, and his growing physical and language skills can make for entertaining - and exhausting - days. He's growing and changing in many ways, testing his independence and sometimes testing your patience. Learn more about all the changes you may see in this stage of his development here.

Growth & Development - Preschooler
The Social Needs of Preschoolers

Your preschooler needs careful guidance from parents, and playtime with other children ...
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Preschool Peer Pressure: How to Cope with Outside Influence

As parents, we often think of peer pressure as a problem for tweens and teens. Kids ...
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6 Ways You Can Teach Your Child Tolerance

Learning to recognize common ground can be uniting, but learning to recognize and accept ...
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Childhood Anxiety: What Is It?

Sometimes it's easy to spot: the outward nervousness, nail biting, ...
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4 Ways to Teach Your Child Self-Control (3 to 5 Years)

Envision your four-year-old, alone in a room, with a plate full of doughnuts ...
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Dealing with Separation Anxiety

What is separation anxiety? Babies feel insecure when they cannot see and hear ...
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