Sleep Concerns

From nightmares to naps, find the answers to your questions about your preschooler's sleep right here.

Sleep Solutions - Preschooler
5 Tips for Helping Kids Cope with Nighttime Anxiety

Nighttime fears and anxiety are common among young children. In fact, a study of ...
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What is Sleepwalking?

Did you know? About 25% of children have experienced at least one episode of ...
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Occasionally, bedwetting can be a symptom of something bigger. Learn more about it in ...
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6 Ways to Help Children Cope with Nightmares

When children experience a nightmare, it’s going to be upsetting. But this is where, as ...
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Snooze Soundly — Even When You’re Sick

By Ella Brooks for Sniffle Solutions "When you have a cold or the flu, congestion ...
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5 Scents That Heal

By Sharon Liao for Sniffle Solutions The secret to better sleep, more energy and ...
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