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From nightmares to naps, find the answers to your questions about your preschooler's sleep right here.

Sleep Solutions - Preschooler
How to Cope When Your Toddler Drops Their Nap

When my kids were young, I looked forward to two o'clock in the afternoon. That afternoon ...
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Nap Time Revisited: Schedules, Routines, and When It Ends

Naptime always brings a sigh of relief for tired parents, as it guarantees at least ...
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3 Ways to Get 15 Extra Minutes of Sleep

It’s Saturday, and you have nowhere you need to be. Fifteen extra minutes of pillow ...
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Should You Throw Your Child’s Sleep Schedule Out the Door?

So you’ve worked long and hard to get that perfect sleep schedule: early bedtime, ...
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Preschoolers and Sleep: The Masters of Excuses

If children do not get enough sleep—quality sleep—their moods, ability to focus, ...
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Naptime: When Is It Time to Stop?

Wondering when those coveted naps will end? Here are some tips on when to stop naptime, ...
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