Indoor Games & Activities

From first thing in the morning to the very end of the day, your preschooler is ready for fun and adventure. Check out these resources to find games, activities, and information to keep every day interesting. It's up to you to try to keep up. Good luck!

Activities & Entertainment - Preschooler
Fun with STEM: Measurement Activities for Your Preschooler

This simple activity is a great way to explore measurement with your ...
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Family Movie Night: Brave

Who doesn't like a good family movie night? They are a good idea all year ...
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11 Ways to Encourage Reading in Your Preschooler

As a parent, you play an important role in developing your child’s interest in and ...
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Get Cooking! Exploring Food with Children

There are times when our children get stuck in their ways and will only eat certain ...
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In the Kitchen with Your Little Chefs: First Things First

Kitchen Tools If we teach our kids to keep their kitchen-tool usage to a ...
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8 Great Ways to Play

We want our children to be creative and effective problem solvers. The question is, "how ...
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