Bathing & Grooming

Keeping germs at bay can feel like a full-time job. Whether you're dealing with a common cold, or other health concerns, you'll find information and advice on ways to keep your preschooler germ-free. From hand washing to CPR, we've got you covered.

Health & Illness - Preschooler
Ahoy Mateys! Taking Care of Little Teeth: Fluoride and the Fight Against Cavities

  Fluoride is a double threat to cavities because it protects teeth by preventing ...
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What Your Child’s Dentist Wishes You Knew: Part One

Tooth decay is on the rise in young children. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry ...
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6 Tips for Instilling Proper Hygiene in Kids

A clean child is a healthy child, or a healthier child, anyway. No matter how hard we ...
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Your Child’s First Loose Tooth

It can be days or weeks before a loose tooth finally falls out; and the days in between ...
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4 Ways to Get Your Preschooler to Self-Groom

Children don’t suddenly start caring if their hands are clean, and clothes are ...
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Hand Washing vs. Hand Sanitizer: Which One Gets Your Child’s Hands Cleaner?

As parents, we cringe when we think of all the germs kids come into contact with on ...
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