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Is your child ready for school? Are you ready? Explore the ups and downs of preschool and consider these tips to decide when and if preschool is the right fit for you.

Preschool & Education - Preschooler
Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?

  Occupational therapy helps kids with a range of developmental difficulties and can ...
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Think Twice Before You Give Your Toddler ADHD Medication!

I once worked with a preschool boy who was positively full of energy. He had a lot ...
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Get Your Little One Preschool Ready!

Despite her quiet nature, my daughter wears her feelings on her sleeve. So ...
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Struggling Writer? No Problem! 4 Games to Work on Fine Motor Skills

My daughter wrote her name beautifully long before the other kids in her preschool ...
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Together or Apart? Multiples in the Classroom

Did You Know? Many states have enacted "twins laws" allowing parental input into ...
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Questions to Ask BEFORE Putting Your Child on Psychotropic Medication

You’ve been struggling with your child’s behaviors for years and don’t know where ...
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