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Preparing for Fatherhood

Pregnancy is exciting – and with all of the physical and emotional changes on the way, there are surely many questions you will want answered. For information on what’s happening now, check out Pregnancy Week by Week. Looking for the perfect baby name? Use our Baby Name Finder! And don’t miss the articles, videos, and checklists for more to learn and love!

The Hidden Costs of Pregnancy

Sure, you might be prepared to start saving your child’s college tuition or stockpiling ...
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4 Online Support Sites for Miscarriage, Stillbirth, & Neonatal Loss

When we think about pregnancy, we focus on the happy times--and there are a lot of them. ...
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8 Ways You Can Spoil a Pregnant Woman

I'm a feminist. Hail to equality! I’m no more and no less special than anyone ...
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4 Ways to Get Your Partner Involved In Your Pregnancy

I love being pregnant, and as I near the end of what is most likely my last pregnancy, ...
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5 Things Every Father-to-Be Should Know

It sometimes seems that people are intent upon sharing with new parents-to-be only the ...
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5 Conversations To Have With Your Partner Before You Have Your Baby

Communication is key to any relationship, and if you are anything like me, all your ...
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