My Pregnancy Week 9

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Pregnancy Week 9

Your baby has grown in the last week. Now almost an inch long, she is about the size of a grape and weighs less than an ounce. In the coming weeks, your baby will continue to gain weight rapidly, as her basic physiology is finally in place. Her heart has divided into four unique chambers, and her muscles and organs are able to move independently.

His eyes are fully formed; but at week nine, his eyelids are fused shut. Look for him to open his eyes for the first time around week 27! The tiny tail your baby once had is now entirely gone and his sex organs have developed. However, it is probably still too soon for your doctor to discern your baby's sex. If you are hoping to find out what you are having, hang on just a bit longer. Most parents find out the sex of their baby around weeks 16 – 20, and that is right around the corner.


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My Pregnancy Week 9

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  1. Lydia says:

    Sorry guys I meant I always do

  2. Lydia says:

    I think some people loose weight on the first trimester of pregnancy as U always do.

  3. Susan says:

    I have a bad headache late moring.

  4. Susan says:

    I am nausea and some crampy , this late moring had a bad headache.

  5. LeeAnn says:

    today is the first day of week 9. I am fatigued, nauseous, still crampy, stuffy nose, severely constipated, and really bad migraines. this is number 3 and I don’t recall having any of these symptoms

  6. Samantha says:

    Today is day one of week 9 and exactly 1 week until my first prenatal visit with my OB and am beyond excited!!! There is still a long way to go until the little one graces us with its presence but so happy to be pregnant!

  7. Dina says:

    So excited to meet my little blessing and there is a long way to go 🙂

  8. Susie says:

    I had my u/s today; 9w. Both babies were moving and I was able to see the heads, and feet and of course the beating hears…Amazing!
    I also went to me pregnancy orientation which is required by my OBGYN. They gave great information from what the insurance pays to the questions and concerns during pregnancy. We were given literature, magazines, and a prescription for a generic prenatal vitamin.
    Also, a representative from WIC spoke with us.

  9. cassie says:

    In two days I will be entering into week ten. I noticed discharge has changed from being light brown to more bloody…please keep us in your prayers. Thank you all 🙂

  10. cassie says:

    We got our first ultrasound today. I was hoping for two but there was only one little froggie in there(I say froggie because thats what baby looked like in the ultrasound lol) We are very excited considering our last pregnancy was a blighted ovum

  11. kellie says:

    I am 9 weeks and I have had nausea, fatigue, and problems sleeping at night. I got to see my baby for the first time 4 days ago and everything looked good and the heartbeat was great. This is my 4th , my first 3 were little boy’s and I had no symptoms with them besides I couldn’t sleep on my side with my 2nd and 3rd. I am hoping and praying this one is a girl and so are my boys they want a baby sister.

  12. misty says:

    I’m nine wks and can’t wait to see wat we r having
    This is my second baby. Gd luck to all the lady’s.

  13. rachel says:

    i will be 9 weeks tomorrow and i get morning and evening sickness but i cant vomit to save my life craving very healthy food fruits and veggies meat doesnt sit well with me thou ive already had 3 scares with bleeding once had to go to the hospital with bright red bleeding but luckly no cramps or pain doing better now but having problems in the bedroom my husband and i are used to being more rough during coitus but every time we do i spot so been having to try it more gentle which is frustrating for both of us this pregnancy was unexpected since we have been ttc for 10 yrs our daughter is turning 10 this month and she for the most part is excited but i hope her and her sibling get along better than me and my sister do who is 8 and a half yrs older than me

  14. Leoma says:

    I am 9 weeks and 3 days on Monday I had a doctors appointment they said they couldn’t find a heart beat… Should I be super nervous or is it just too early still to tell

  15. lynnee says:

    Weeks are going by soooo quick. Can’t wait to find out the gender!

  16. COURTNEY says:

    Hello, I am 9 weeks. I have already stared to show, and my girls have doubled in size and they hurt ! it seem that my morning sickness is finally easing up. I’m very tried. my moods is crazy and smell are still bothering me.

  17. Kay says:

    Morning sickness hit like a vengeance this week! 9 weeks 4 days and counting down to 12…oi!

  18. Talaya says:

    I am 9 weeks in 1 day I’m excited I feel very sleepy I don’t have much of an appetite.this is my third child I’m very excited to the 1 in the baby for a while.

  19. Kristin says:

    That is so crazy about the nose bleeds. I never knew that nose bleeds were a common thing. I was wondering why I was getting them every once in a while. I hadn’t ever had one before being pregnant. Guess you learn something new every day!!!

  20. Karina says:

    Found out I’m 9+1 today ; my baby was so wiggly. As far as symptoms ,, they all went mia in week 8. I’m jus a little light headed sometimes but that’s it. I was worried that I stopped feeling pregnant but my baby is fine. 🙂

  21. Jessica says:

    Its been 11 years since I’ve been pregnant, and oh boy is this one completely different! I have been sick with this one, not necessarily throwing up, but very nauseated and attempting to throw up but nothing comes out. I have had cramps for the past 5 weeks, my Dr is not concerned since they are not horrible and no bleeding. My boyfriend has been irritating me big time, lately. He even told me that I should go back on my antidepressants when we got in an argument. I told him where to go, lol. My Dr doesn’t want me on them unless I get really bad. I told him if he can’t handle my emotions while pregnant then to go, is that wrong of me? I think he should be more supportive of my emotions and my discomfort. He doesn’t believe when I said the Dr said no intercourse until the cramping stops. I don’t know what to do!

    • Cindy says:

      Men really don’t know how to handle pregnant emotional women! I know my husband just ignores me when I go into an emotional roller coaster. As for your cramps have they checked your progesterone levels?

  22. sharon says:

    Same here Nicole lol

  23. Nicole says:

    I’m having lots of indigestion and gas. I’m craving less processed food and my emotions are roller coaster crazy!

    • Megan Klay says:

      That’s neat that you’re craving less processed food! What a great, healthy side effect! My emotions have been pretty crazy too. If I ever feel it coming, I just try to give out a warning. 🙂

  24. yesenia says:

    everything makes me sick to my stomach but I don’t throw up at all and I just feel like crawling up into a ball the pain is just to much is that normal

  25. Charlotte says:

    I have lost instead of gained weight and I have no appetite at all is that normal?

    • I don’t know how normal it is, but I do know that it happens. I lost weight during my pregnancy, too. For months, I only ate because I knew I had to. I hope you get back to feeling normal again, soon.

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