My Body – Pregnancy Week 9

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Pregnancy Week 9

Even if you don't feel like you are showing, by week nine you may have already experienced morning sickness, fatigue, and mood swings. Mood swings are common at this stage, so don't beat yourself up if you feel elated one moment and terrified the next. You are not alone! Fluctuating emotions are normal at this stage in the game, but there is hope! Many moms report that their mood swings usually lighten up during the second trimester.

Are you gaining weight? Some women begin to retain water around week nine, which contributes to weight gain. But just like your mood, your weight may be fluctuating (going up and down all day). In fact, it may seem like you get a different number every time you step on the scale. Did you know? Water retention can cause your weight to go up or down by five pounds in a single day! If you find this changing number stressful, it's best to stay away from the scale. Weigh yourself only once a day, or even better, only a couple of times a week. General pregnancy weight-gain guides suggest zero to five pounds of weight gain in the first trimester.


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My Body – Pregnancy Week 9

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  1. cassie says:

    Hey ladies and any Daddies on here. This is our third baby and I’ve gained 2 lbs since we found out and I’m only about 9 weeks. Yes, I am showing a bit, a lot sooner than my other pregnanciesn which I didnt start to show until I was about 5-6 months…pretty crazy huh. Anyhow, it’s normal and I too am struggling with bloat (stay away from popcorn if you go to the theatre and pack a water instead of soda, a little tip if you have the bloat issue lol; salty foods and soda really arent a good idea anyway). I have been blessed enough to not have the sicknesses, however, with our first child I was sick the ENTIRE pregnancy night and day and managed to gain 40 lbs (I’m naturally slim so the weight was a good thing). And am I ever cranky! I threw my purse across my room today, made me feel better lol, nothing broke and I even found my phone face down on the (hard)floor, which was in my purse when I threw it. It was a better idea than breaking my dishes, which I Really wanted to do. So, if you think you’re having crazy mood swings, you aren’t alone 🙂

  2. Nakia says:

    I feel as if I’m not seeing the prenatal doctor enough. How many check ups should I have had by 9 weeks?

    • Andrea says:

      Once, I have seen my Gyn for over 8 years and its my first baby so I know she’s taking care of me. Everything is set though she got bloodwork and my sonogram done. My next appointment is at 12 weeks. Keep up with your vitamins and folic acid; I had to get iron since I was low

    • cassie says:

      I’ve only been once and I am about the same as you. Where I go, its once from 6-11wks initially scan, 11-13wks genetic testing, 16 week optional sonogram, 20 week full anatomy scan & cervical length measurement, 28 week optional sonogram…any other visits are as needed and the optional sonograms are usually out of pocket because they arent required. If you have a high risk pregnancy, you will see the dr more often. BUT every dr is different, that is just how mine operates.

      • Andrea says:

        I must agree with the dishes (thought I havent done it yet it crossed my mind). i actually broke a door knob for no reason because I didnt want to go get the key

  3. jasmine says:

    im very moody and already showing alot im on baby # 3 o my body knows what to do i guess

  4. sheenaholman says:

    Ive been moody lately, my poor hubby.

  5. juliee1214 says:

    im so moody ,, gaining weight so quick .. startin to wander if its twins

  6. Vannessa says:

    i’ve had only gained two lbs & i’m only 9 weeks & 4 days pregnant. but i do have the nausea, & oh boy am i exhausted all the time!

  7. ketta says:

    have not had any morning sickness but i do have mood changes n iam only 3 months instead of me gaining weight i have lost 3 lbs i hope i havent lost any more weight when i go back to the doctor on the 26th of this month

  8. ErinF says:

    Nausea and fatigue, check and check. I’m gaining a little more quickly than I’d hoped, but I’m not too worried–the bloat started a while ago. I weighed myself last night and again this morning out of curiosity, and there was a 7-lb difference. That’s a lot of bloat.

  9. I have not had any morning sickness or mood changes but as for the weight O-yeah, I have already gained 7 lbs!

  10. I have already gained 10 pounds =[ I feel like it’s too much too soon…

  11. Deee says:

    Wow I really have it BAD !!!!

    • Wow I am EXTREMELY MISERABLE! Im only 9 weeks and the morning sickness, nausea that last all day, weakness, dizziness, I hate any kind of smell, I can barely eat or drink anythibg because everything has a gross aftertaste, the mood swings, not getting sleep because im so uncomfortable! DID I SAY IT WAS BAD? AND THIS MAKES CHILD NUMBER 5 FOR ME, DONT KNOW WHY THIS ONE IS SO TOUGH? AND THE BAD THING ABOUT IT IS I HAVE SUCH A LONG WAY TO GO.

      • Alexis says:

        I’m in the same boat! This is #3 but this time around it’s easy more difficult, especially not being able to eat! Not eating contributes to my moodiness, sucks feeling helpless over my body!

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