My Body – Pregnancy Week 7

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Pregnancy Week 7

You may feel like you are developing a split personality. Fluctuating hormones in pregnancy are responsible for these changing emotions. You can also thank these fluctuating hormones for your tender and swollen breasts, and any acne breakouts you may experience.

Your uterus has doubled in size, and you may find yourself needing to urinate more than usual. This is due to your increased blood volume and your growing uterus's pressure on your bladder. As your uterus continues to increase in size, so will your number of bathroom breaks! If you are experiencing morning sickness, hang in there; most women who experience morning sickness will begin to feel relief by 14 weeks.


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My Body – Pregnancy Week 7

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  1. Profile photo of Tabatha Tabatha says:

    I am 7w 3d and I feel like I’m already showing. This will be my second
    Child. Just wondering if it was normal to be showing already?
    I feel like it’s so early.

  2. Profile photo of Yasmine Yasmine says:

    Pregnant with baby number 2 . I’ve been extremely exhausted to the point that I have to make myself get up and be active . The bathroom breaks are killing me. It seems like every time I get ready for bed I go on a pee spree lol. Pan I’m excited that I’m starting to see my bump . Very excited to meet my baby (hopefully its a girl this time around)

  3. Profile photo of mahoganie mahoganie says:

    constantly nauseous and just simply tired anybody have any suggestion on how to gain more energy I have two toddlers and I work everyday Simone please help,me !! ! 🙂

  4. Profile photo of tesha tesha says:

    constantly goes every 30 mins

  5. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    I had to take six bathroom breaks last night and I was only asleep for six hours!!!

  6. Profile photo of 2Frsty 2Frsty says:

    Finally at the 7 week mark! Morning sickness has been at bay for a few days, since I’ve started taking my prenatals at night.

  7. this is my second pregnancy but my first pregnancy ended in death for twins. this go around is exciting but scary at the same time. no morning sickness or anything like that just alot of bathroom breaks and eatting alot!!!!

  8. Profile photo of NewMama87 NewMama87 says:

    This is our first baby, so we are exited but way more scared..Dont have that much morning sickness no more so hopefully it doesn’t come back..

  9. Profile photo of SHARON SHARON says:

    I feel great! More hungry than usual, the cravings are beginning to kick in, no morning sickness. My husband has been doing most of the eating for me so all I pray for is a healthy and happy baby!


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