My Pregnancy Week 6

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Pregnancy Week 6

This week, your baby has a distinguishable head and trunk! And on your baby's head… are facial features! That's right, as early as week six; your baby is beginning to develop facial features with indentations, which will become the eyes, ears, and mouth. The larynx, or voice box, will also begin to form this week.

An electroencephalogram (EEG) can detect and monitor your baby's brain activity this week (although this is not a routine prenatal test, it’s just a fun way that science knows how active a baby’s brain is very early on).  Your baby’s heartbeat, although very small, can also been seen by ultrasound, but you probably won’t be able to hear the heartbeat until around week 10 or 11. With the circulatory system well established, your baby’s digestive and respiratory systems will also begin to form this week.


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My Pregnancy Week 6

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  1. Kimmylee says:

    i have all the symptoms of pregnancy, morning sickness, constipation, swollen breast and did two home test which show positive. i suppose to be in my 7th week did on ultrasound and it
    shows nothing, the sac is empty and its still growing. Am a bit confuse and scared at the same time and am 2 months late on my period. what is the next step what should i do?

  2. sehrash says:

    I have all the symtoms of pregnancy swollen breast,goin to loo all the time belly cramps backache morning sickness but stil I got the blood and home test negetive I have feeling something going on inside me I am very confuse can some one plz tell me that is theirs any posibility that I am pregnant I went to Doc she said it’s negative but come after a week again I am 16days late on my periods what shall I do

  3. DONNA says:

    Hi I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant. I’m not sure if I am happy or nervous. Today I am 6 weeks but I don’t feel different except for the cramping and heavy breast just like how I would feel during my menstrual cycle. I have no cravings and I am not nauseous.I went to the doctor yesterday to confirm the pregnancy .He scheduled a scan when I will be 8 weeks. My tummy is very flat and i weigh 126 lbs. Is it ok to feel the way I feel right now?

    • Megan Klay says:

      Hi Donna – Congrats! Absolutely! Many women do not experience nausea or other symptoms, it’s also possible that these just haven’t kicked in yet for you! There’s no need to be concerned about a loss unless you’re experiencing cramping and bleeding, then contact your doctor immediately. Best wishes!

  4. Breann says:

    i am really happy and i cant wait to see it come to this world with a mother and father there giving the love that it will get and desever everyday because, when i was being born my father wasnt there and i never really saw my dad till i got older, and for the father of the baby he never saw his father till after he was two, and left them, so the father and i want to give the love that we never got as children and we think that giving love to the baby will change everything and bring the love to our familys closer because everyone desevers love from everyone!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for me to be done with weeks and to start being in the months!!!!!!!!

  5. Brandy says:

    Hi I’m 6 weeks today baby # 4 miscarried one. I feel absolutely horrible with the heart burn, constipation, gas, cramping, morning sickness no vomiting just nauseous. And if that’s not bad enough I can’t sleep at night in the same bed as my husband but once he leaves to work I knock out like a baby. Does anyone know wat I can do to help all this plz I need some advice

  6. AmandaR says:

    I’m 6 weeks and a few days (give or take) with the my first child; excited but nervous at the same time. I must say since joining this site less than an hour ago; I’ve gotten some very good information on certain things, more than what any book can tell me. Keep up the good work!

  7. Kendra says:

    Okay this is my 1st time posting..I have taken 2 EPT pregnancy test both clearly had the + sign..but I am still in denial bc I wld only be 6 wks and I took it 3 wks or so ago.. have a 14 yo girl..finding it hard to believe that 14 yrs ltr this is happening..I hv a doctors apt scheduled 4 nxt confirm..guess if so than hoping for a boy..

  8. Brittani says:

    Hello everyone. I am exactly 6 weeks today with baby #3. We have to boys 5&6 and they are so excited about the new baby. I feel pretty good for the most part, by this time with my boys I had extreme nausea but so far so good I hope it last. But I am having a lot of cramping more than I remember with my other two anyone else have this? Also I’m already showing @ 6 weeks at first I thought it was bloating but it’s clearly a baby bump I did not start showing with the others till about 12-13 weeks is this normal. Oh and I have gained 7lbs and that’s with watching what I eat.

  9. Susie says:

    Hello ladies!
    I’m new at this but can anyone tell me how to print or view the First-trimester to do list? Also, how to I make or add friends? I need some.
    Thanks for any assistance

  10. Avontae says:

    Im 23 years old…. today makes me 6weeks 5days me and my high school sweetheart of 9th grade are super excited about having our first child and finally moving in together! My body feel so different bt im thankful to be able to watch my body go through these changes! Im a 911 dispatcher so I sit down all day but because of the minor aches I find myself having to stand….I feel nausea 24/7 my back kills me I just want to lay down….I most definitely can’t wait til this passes. Bt ready to meet my prince or princess!

  11. Naiane says:

    Pleasantly surprised by baby #3. The first 2 were meticulously planned, never thought I would have a surprise baby..and here we are. *BLESSED*

  12. Crystal says:

    Hi Everyone im 6weeeks && 3 days , im 22 and my bf are really excited this is baby #2
    But we recently had to go to the ER because I started bleeding , they found out I have blood around my uterus. So they told us I can possibly have a miscarriage 🙁 leaving the hospital my baby still had heartbeat , now were.just praying that it doesent happen. The Dr told is it can go either way , so now we just wait =/

    • JORDAN says:

      Hi Crystal,
      I am 6w4d and started bleeding lightly at 5w3d and had an emergency ultrasound. I had blood in between my cervix and the yolk sac and my Doc told me not to worry that I still may be ok as long as the bleeding doesn’t pick up. So far I haven’t had any more bleeding. After reading up on this it is very common to have blood near the baby and most pregnancies go on to be successful. I am very cautious with this preg b/c our last one ended in a complete miscarriage at 8 weeks so I’m hoping everything goes well for you. Try not to worry and hope for the best 🙂 thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

    • Susie says:

      Hi there!
      I too had bright red bleeding on 11/18/14 at 5w6d. I went to my Dr. the next morning and saw our two yolk sacs with two heartbeats and a one hematoma above both sacs. I, however, wasn’t told I could possibly miscarry. I was told that it’s perfectly normal during this stage in pregnancy. So, that’s what I’m going to believe. I have not experienced anymore bleeding since then but was told if I do (bright red), give them a call. I was told that it should desolve either vaginally or in my walls. I conceived through IVF so I’m being monitored weekly and will return next week.
      I’ll keep you posted and keep your head up and listen to your body. Wishing you the best.

    • Megan Klay says:

      Hi Crystal – I’m so sorry to hear, I experienced a miscarriage back in February and it’s tough. Best wishes to you and your partner. I’ll be thinking about you and your baby.

  13. BERNA says:

    Hi everyone my week 6 and 4 day and first time pregnant ever 🙂 and this week is the hardest one ever i fell nausea and vomiting and crayz sick that i cant go work cus of nausea even doctor give me some medication but doesnt workss 🙂 im hoping as soon as possible this nausea will go away.. that s my only issue..i tired ginger tea it made worest i tired medication nothing works …day and night i fell nausea …also only thing helps that toasted bread i keep eating bread it helps little…i cant wait to pass this weeks

  14. Angie says:

    I’m 6 weeks pregnant with my 6th child I’ve had two miscarriage s and one tubal pregnancy.I’m a little worried at y first ultrasound they seen a yoke but the tech said she didn’t see anything else and no evidence of an ectopic pregnancy. I go back to the doctor in a week but it has me really worried what is going on. I haven’t went through any oof this with any of my other pregnancies I’m scared and confused.

  15. Desiray says:

    I am 6 weeks 4 days with Baby number four. This one took me by surprise because I had a 10 year IUD in and still got pregnant but I am starting to feel really excited. This is going about the same as the others except my nausea lasts a lot longer then the others. But I can still function some! 🙂

    • Cherika says:

      Those IUD aren’t as accurate as they say the are. I had one in for a few months and it started coming off by itself so I had it removed then got on the shot. The depo was making me sick so I just left birth control alone practiced safe sex until I found my soulmate n now I am 6 weeks and 5 days and super excited to be having baby number 4 as well

  16. Ashley says:

    This is my #4th pregnacy I’m due January the 23rd I’m soo excited bout it I got two sons and one girl hoping this one is a girl!! I’m broke out all over my face my chest my stomach and arms and legs,with pregnacy acne !! But other then that I’m having a real good pregnacy!!! Mommy loves u Cameron,Caleb , Chelsea, and baby #4

  17. lynnee says:

    I’ve never been so tired in my life. I can sleep for hours at a time and still feel tired once I get up. My appetite isn’t the same, I’m less hungry than I normally am. Because of all the nausea I have to spit about 200 times a day .It’s gross 🙁 I love coffee but can no longer stand the smell of it. When will it get better. ..

  18. Octavia says:

    Hey everyone ! I’m 6 weeks pregnant with my first child that got me by surprise!! Lol but I’m 19 years old and me and my boyfriend of 3 years going on 4 this year can’t be any more excited and happy <3 .. Well I haven't really had any morning sickness just a mild stomach pain feeling through out the whole day 🙁 so what I do is just place a warm heating pad over my stomach and it calms down the pain also I noticed I'm very hungry now ! Seems like I have to eat something every hour ! I drink tons of water all day. Other then that I feel fine and can't wait to meet my little butter bean (: I pray everyone has a healthy happy pregnancy. God bless

    • Zarinah says:

      i am a ftm to 6weeks i day. but i don’t feel pregnant, i eat a lot but other then at i’m not tired, and no morning sickness. i take a pregnancy test almost every four days, just to make sure. wired

    • lynnee says:

      Same here. I’m a ftm so I don’t know what to really expect. Get a lot of cramping ,some times really bad.

      • virginia says:

        Same here, I eat and eat like crazy ! I’m only 4 weeks pregnant , and I feel heavy,moody,cramps every now and then through the day. And most of all my breast kills me!

  19. Breanna says:

    Today I am 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant.. This past week I have been feeling quite nauseous and foods that I normally eat have been making me queasy. Morning sickness has been an everyday thing for me lately. But overall I am happy that everything else is going well 🙂

  20. carlita says:

    hey hey im a junior at CSUDH! go toros…and im six weeks and three days pregnant. I’m 20 years old and will be 21 in Aug….this is my child, my BF and I are too excited..only one day of morning sickness so far (keeping fingers crossed) but i hate wearing bras now lolz

  21. Andrea says:

    Morning sickness for me is rare, though my gag reflex is active. I’ve had cramps the entire length of my pregnancy so far (7 weeks!) &, though I don’t have constipation, I am slightly worried about taking Imodium for my irritable bowel syndrome. I plan to ask my doctor about it during my first appointment but wondering if anyone else has IBS & what their doctors told them.

  22. kristine says:

    im 20 and having my first child im so happy so far im feeling great just been having some cramps every now and then docter told me to drink water i been drinking alot but still sometimes pain ??? usally happens wen im laying down .

  23. Sheila says:

    Ivthink tgat this site is awesome it’s showing and telling me things I didn’t know or see with my first baby

  24. MaryAnn says:

    omg. this is my 4th too. my smell sense id crazy yet i want to eat too lol. told my sister the same thing about gaining alot of weight. I’m looking into a gym this time 🙂 congrats n goof luck 🙂

  25. spring says:

    Hello! I am 6 weeks and one day! This is my second pregnancy my son is 14. It has been a long time for me since my last. I hope everyone is doing great!

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