My Pregnancy Week 4

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Pregnancy Week 4

The Embryonic Period
Week 4 signals the beginning of the embryonic period, which will continue until week 10. The blastocyst becomes embedded in the uterine wall. At this point, the blastocyst has grown into a disk-like structure, and is two layers thick. These two layers, called the epiblast and the hypoblast, divide the blastocyst into two chambers, the amniotic cavity and the yolk sac. Additionally during this period, your baby's organs will begin to develop.


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My Pregnancy Week 4

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  1. ASHLEY says:

    I just found out myself that I’m pregnant… Something told me to get a pregnancy test,& two came inside the box. I took one four day’s ago said pregnant then I took the other the next day said the same thing pregnant and went to the health department two day’s ago it was confirmed that I am pregnant. I got four kid’s two miscarriages. & Now I’m expecting to be a mommy again. I’m due in October which is my month. So it’s pretty cool. I been so sick craving and just all! I just want everything to be fine and dandy with my baby inside of me & myself! With my fourth one. I had placenta previa. But so far everything is going well with this pregnancy!!

  2. Rochelle says:

    Just found out today I’m pregnant! Started feeling nauseous a few days ago as well as frequent urination. But this always happens close to when AF is supposed to arrive.. I’m still in shock!

  3. verochka31 says:

    going on baby #6 and excited as the first!!

  4. I have been feeling very sick for about a week now im so excited

  5. When does a Pregnancy test for a positive get brighter on the line? how far along would you have to be?? what at least 6 weeks??

    • JaLinda says:

      Honestly I don’t think there is a set time. I was 1 month along with my first son when I took a home test & the second line showed immediately & dark, but I was 2 1/2 months pregnant with him when I took a test at the health department & the nurse was getting ready to tell me I wasn’t pregnant because the second line wasn’t showing up. It finally faintly showed up. To this day it still baffles me. I guess every test is different.

    • Megan Klay says:

      Hi there – This article provides a lot of info on pregnancy tests I think you’ll find helpful: Best wishes for the result you’re hoping for!

  6. Kaitlin says:

    I also have all the symptoms for week 4 of pregnancy…

  7. Kaitlin says:

    I was supposed to start my period on the 12th of this month (March)… I took a pregnancy test on Friday, but it came up negative. I haven’t really been worrying about it that much because I figured I would start sooner or later… Well today makes day 5 of missing my period.. I don’t know what this means, or what I should do…

  8. Lakeisha says:

    Confirmed today with blood work from IVF. Super excited and nervous. I am a little confused cause I opted for FET and was told that I’ll be 3wks, 6days????? Sleepy and cranky is what I am

  9. Tiffany says:

    So I tested positive before I would have missed my period… could this be more than one??? I took Clomid this round… my sister has identical twins and my husband is a fraternal twin… wonder what my chances are… Scan on 10/3 may show us just how many circles we have 😀

    • Your sister’s identical twins are more a fluke than genetics, so that won’t influence your chances. As for your husband being a fraternal twin – that increases the chance any daughters you have may conceive twins. The Clomid, though, can up your chances for sure. No way to really know until they take a peek! Best wishes from a twin mama 🙂

  10. SUNSHINE says:

    I am just so restless I wanna sleep butt I cant I just wanna cry all im thinking bout is things I have no control over HELP ME JESUS CHRIST

  11. Marilyn says:

    This is amazing how they start to develop so quick.

  12. sheenaholman says:

    Less than a grain of rice and already forming organs! Crazy!

  13. ASBrooks says:

    Just found out today, super excited!

  14. miguelis says:

    this is my second child and im feeling like if is the first one!

  15. AmyC says:

    So much info. I wish I had known of this site from the beginning. Well I guess I’ll know about it for next time

  16. mama_#4 says:

    well I had a feeling that i was pregnant again with our third i didnt know for sure till the end of 5 weeks

  17. i am so happy to belong to this club everydayfamily, i have real learn alot and am so excited about the coming of my new baby

  18. Deee says:

    Learning Alot!

  19. Aishia says:

    Me and my fiance are so excited and enjoying learning more about our new babys birth together….

  20. Sharee says:

    We were happy to find out that we did conceive.

  21. Sharee says:

    This is always that time when you even find out that your have a little one. Me and my love have been trying and we are hoping this month will be better for us. We did get lucky back in January when we found out we would be having another little one but that resulted in a miscarriage so we’re hoping our chances are better. Disappointment sucks and i hope i don’t get disappointted

  22. Osei says:

    had no idea all of this was going on

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