My Pregnancy Week 35

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Pregnancy Week 35

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. She now measures about 18 inches long and might weigh about 6 lbs!

If you have been noticing that you need more bathroom breaks than usual, it may be due to the fact that your baby has “dropped.” As your due date grows near, your little one will settle deeper in your pelvis. This reduces pressure on your rib cage, allowing you more room to expand your diaphragm, but now there may be more pressure on your bladder.

By week 35, your baby's kidneys are completely developed. His liver is also beginning to produce waste. In fact, a majority of his growth is already done. However, you should expect him to put on some more weight over the next few weeks. As space is at a premium, you may not feel as much tossing and turning inside of you, but you will definitely feel some healthy punches and kicks.

Your baby should be head down by week 35. If  she is still positioned with the feet down towards your pelvis (breech) or in a side-lying position, your doctor may offer you suggestions for trying to get your baby in the correct position. If your baby is unable to flip head-down, then a C-section will be discussed.


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My Pregnancy Week 35

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  1. Jovan says:

    I use the bathroom every two minutes! I’m tired of being pregnant and can’t wait to meet my baby girl! I’m excited to be a Mom again. I Love Being A Mother!!

  2. Tiffany says:

    This lil girl of mines be move though the night i can not sleep at all 1 more month to go cant wait to hold her

  3. Serena says:

    I’m 35 weeks and five days and oh boy it’s been hard for me to sleep most nights this babygirl moves alot at night but can’t wait till she’s here in my arms

    • Ash says:

      Ha! I know it. And what’s ironic is that sleep can get EVEN MORE SPARSE once baby arrives. It’s like Mother Nature’s way of transitioning a woman into motherhood.

      After four pregnancies, I turn to pillows to get through the last few months. TONS OF PILLOWS. I sleep elevated to keep baby down and off my diaphragm. I have found it’s best for me to sleep on my back elevated, or to lay in a semi-side position where I have my body twisted. So my chest is on the mattress, but I have a twist in my waist with one leg bent (to support the belly — a pillow under the knee is a huge help here). My other leg is straight. This is my preferred position because it takes pressure of my back and hips. Hallelujah!

      Best wishes with the last few weeks! <3

  4. Alyssah says:

    I have been having a lot of pelvic and hip pain for the past two weeks what can I do to relieve the pain!?

    • Ash says:

      It’s probably too late for this to be of any help, but I’ll share in case other mamas can benefit.

      Chiropractor work has made such a big difference for me. I actually have chiropractors in my area that specialize in prenatal. They’re amazing. There’s a pelvic adjustment they’re able to do on a specialized work table that puts my right hip back into place. This adjustment may last me anywhere from a few weeks to a few days depending on where I’m at in pregnancy and what I’m doing physically.

      This is my fifth pregnancy, and my hip issues involved inflammation. In addition to seeing my chiropractor to adjust my pelvic, I started using anti-inflammatory essential oils. I would apply 1-3 drops of frankincense or lavender on the soles of my feet and get HUGE relief. At first I needed to do this daily, then as the inflammation subsided, I was able to move down to every other day and then once or twice a week or as I felt I needed it.

      P.S. While you’re getting essential oils, be sure to grab cypress. This essential oils is magical when it comes to swelling and relief from water retention. It’s also got a reputation for banishing cellulite, so once pregnancy is over you can rub it on your hips, thighs, and belly. I have used cypress and grapefruit and seen surprising and wonderful results. I have found doTerra and Young Living essential oils to be the most potent, but Plant Therapy oils delivers worthwhile results. I haven’t found that NOW, Mountain Rose Herbs, or Auracacia are good for more than scent.

  5. Alyssah says:

    Is there any other way that they can make the baby turn in the right position before making a csection mandatory?

  6. ruth says:

    im at the first day of thirty five weeks . this is my third pregnancy and boy oh boy ,this boy has been causing me many problems =) pelvic pain so badly i cant sleep most nights and most chores are pain accompanied ! hes already seven pounds omg ! hoping he comes two weeks early as a relief on my body =) happy and hes healthy !

  7. Nicole says:

    I’m 35wks 2day with baby number 5. I’m over 40 and I’m having a really hard time. I just can’t wait until my baby boy is in my arms. I dilated 1 centimeter already and hopefully it’ll all be over soon.

  8. Brianna says:

    I am almost 36 weeks and read about face burning trying to figure out why the skin under above and around my eyes feels like its burning. My eyes don’t hurt or burn just the skin, its even red! Has anyone else had this happen? I read it could be from her pressing on a nerve?

  9. Sonji says:

    i will actually be 35 weeks tomorrow, i also have a 2 year old going on 25 lol, this pregnancy is not like hers was… This lil girl moves around ALOT, as appose to my first lil girl who moved like twice lol

  10. yeimi says:

    Im already 35 weeks i already know how labor feels but i got a question if any body can answer it. So what does it mean when your stomach gets hard and at the same time you feel pressure in your pelvis? Thats my question if any body can answer it please….

  11. Nancy says:

    I’m 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant I get this pain like mild cramps on my belly since last few days ago I wonder if it’s the Braxton kick contractions or just baby kicking harder since she’s bigger. I got my third sonogram today and my sweet baby looks good and big!

  12. Kelsey says:

    I already know what labor feels like Since i went into labor at 33wks and they decided to just send me home.
    So I know what i am going to be going through.. D: IT HURTS ALOT.. and its weird how your body pushes on the baby..
    My daughter was Freaking out and kicking me every time i contracted lol. she was like UM NO. I am Fine Right Here.

  13. gage says:

    Ohk I 35 weeks in a day and I was having abdominal pain all yesterday and 4th of july I was was kinda hurting why is that could it be me dropping?

  14. domonique says:

    I have to say this week has been a lot easier than my past weeks, they have been a headache until now!

  15. Judith says:

    35 weeks and 5 days today

  16. Kati says:

    I dont know about u guys but my daughter is constantly moving inside lol

  17. Ashleigh says:

    35 weeks and 2 days can’t wait to have my second baby boy scared and ready to see him

  18. Antoinette says:

    I wish people would stop complaining . Trust me a baby is easier to take care of inside the womb than out. Just enjoy ur pregnancy and wait until he or she is ready. There is nothing exciting about labor ! The only exciting thing is the actual baby. And I definitely dread going into labor, I wish I could skip that part.

  19. iris says:

    Hi I’m 35 weeks and few days pregnant, im excited that I only have few more weeks. I’ve been looking at my body lately and been having some black spots like on my neck on my belly and I was wondering if that’s normal and if its goes away after a while?

  20. I’m 35wks today,have 5 more weeks to go very excited to welcome my second son. Just want to know if anyone having restless night like I do , cos I kind of find it difficult yo sleep good at night due to pressure and going to bathroom a lot.

    • Louise says:

      I’m 35 weeks today, I toss and turn all night long. I also have Gestational Diabetes which means I have to eat on a set schedule. So I try to be in bed by midnight and I’m up at least 3+ times a night having to go to the bathroom.

  21. This is baby #4 for us, and dr. Says I’ll be going into labor any time now. She is measuring a week ahead. Last night I had crazy lower back pain, cramping like a (menstral cramp) that came and went, and this throbbing pain on my vagina. I didn’t call the dr. Because I thought baby was just getting into position. But those cramps are still coming. It doesn’t feel like anything I’ve ever felt before. What in the world is going on?

  22. Christy says:

    Im 35 weeks and a day.. i cant wait till my babyboy gets here.. time is takin forever! I had a pretty good pregnancy all together but this last month is draaagin. My babyshower is next sunday so hopefully that will keep me busy for a couple days. Feet & back are mostly in pain all the time and lots of bathroom trips but im ready to go when he is.

  23. savannah says:

    35 weeks, and 4 days. Killer back pains, running back and forth to the bathroom. I’m ready to get this over with. Can’t get comfortable for nothing. But I know it’ll all be worth it. :))

  24. Robyn says:

    35 weeks today! I am tired, scared and excited. So much to do!!! Not enough time!!

  25. Tonisha says:

    35 weeks pregnant!! Almost time. I’m too anxious and excited. I hope she comes within the next two weeks lol <3

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