My Pregnancy Week 29

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Pregnancy Week 29

Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring roughly 15 inches long, he weighs close to 2 1/2 lbs. For the first time, his head is in proportion with the rest of his body! By 29 weeks, his brain can control his body's temperature.

Her eyes can move in the sockets, and her muscles and lungs continue to mature. Her bone marrow is now producing red blood cells, and fat continues to develop under her skin. She may even begin to settle into the proper birthing position, which is head down, facing your back.


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My Pregnancy Week 29

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  1. lerato says:

    im 29 weeks and 5 days pregnant. my fist born was delivered on 10th January 2019 via c section. my gynae had suggested that we try virginal birth and im excited and nervous at the same time. anybody who has done vbac? how was the experience?

  2. Hi I am 29 weeks today and This is going to be my sixth child and I have 3 girls 2 boys and I can’t wait to hold him and I can’t for February 14 to come and is it safe to have another C-Section with my sixth baby

  3. Octavia says:

    Hi I’m 29 weeks today and pregnant with my first child is there any help for all of the pain that my little girl has me in…I am not due till February 13 2020!

  4. Bridget says:

    I’m 35 years old, 29 weeks today (pregnant with my 1st) & my newest symptom is that my ribs feel like they are expanding and my torso is beyond uncomfortable – it gets worse as the day progresses. Is there any relief? Heartburn is back, better than ever but Ginger helps tremendously. My activity level is still great. I’m still taking long walks daily & weightlifting several days/week. We’ll see how long that lasts though. Ha!

  5. Teasia says:

    I’m 29 weeks today and this is me and hubby first child! We are expecting a beautiful and healthy baby boy due June 21st. I’ll be 33 next month and hubby will be 37 in September. I am overjoyed with this blessing god had given us. I feel in love with him at first pee on the stick lol. We already did our 3D ultrasound and he’s my brother that was killed 11 years ago identical twin I can’t wait to hold him in my arms, kiss all over him and love him unconditionally

  6. Arleathia says:

    That was very informative

  7. Precious says:

    Hey, I’m 29 weeks and 1 day today with my second child. My breast milk leak while I’m sleep and for some reason it has a sour smell. I did not have any problems like this with my first born.

  8. Kimberly says:

    Hi, I’m 29 weeks & 5 days today, I’ve been feeling different than before lately. I’ve been having to urinate more often, I have cramps in my lower belly, I feel her pushing down, i have a little bit of back pain, I had the mucus plug come out! What does this mean? I’m I going to have my baby soon? Or is this normal? I’m a little worried!

  9. Erin says:

    My boobs are leaking. Not like a drip here and there like the last couple of weeks, but literally pouring out of me sometimes. My man calls it boob juice and laughs when it leaks all over the place. I’ve read that it’s normal for some leakage, but I’m talking soaked shirt here. Why don’t they warn us about that?!

    • Megan Klay says:

      Ha! Sorry to hear, Erin! We do mention it in one of our week by weeks… Get some reusable/disposable nursing pads! You could also consider starting to pump, but discuss this with your OB before you do so. Best wishes!

  10. Melissa says:

    I am 29 wks and 2 days. Although this is my 6th child and it’s been only 2 yrs since I’ve been pregnant, it helps me to come back to this site and brush up on the things I’ve forgotten. Not only that, I enjoy hearing about all the other pregnancies and the joys and concerns of other expectant mothers. This pregnancy is unlike the rest. I am high risk and I have a cyst as well as too much amniotic fluid. But I get through the complications thinking about my little prince and how blessex I am that he’s healthy in there.

  11. Zethu says:

    first baby am both excited and scared.. don’t know what I’m having since baby is hiding her little self. pray she is healthy nd beautiful ❤

  12. Ashley says:

    Your baby kicking in my opinion is the best feeling in the universe!!! 🙂 I cant wait until January!!!

  13. Shakirah says:

    i love the kicks luckily my placenta is in the front so its not as bad. however my back hurts me sooooo much shes so heavy.

  14. Natalie says:

    Let them talk,keep them talking,

  15. Christine says:

    I’m 28weeks and 6days pregnant today, and God blessed us with a healthy baby Girl. I’m nervous about the mode of delivery but really excited to see my baby girl soon!

  16. Alecia says:

    I’m 29 weeks in love! I love being pregnant since I’m not sick (like the first 3 mos.) I’m excited but also scared cause I don’t know what Labor is like…

  17. I’m 26 and I’m 29 weeks pregnant and I’m haveing a girl this is my 3 pregnancy I have two boys I’m done God blessed me with 3 wonderful kids her name is Kaydence marie

  18. Rhonda says:

    God is amazing! I just turn 46 today. And 29 weeks pregnant! What a blessing!
    We have been married for 21 years and God has truly blessed us!
    This is my first child. Second for my husband! We are extremely excited!
    Can’t wait to see our little boy!

    • Debbie says:

      Congratulations! We are very similar. I am also 46, been married for 21 yrs, and 29 weeks. We were blessed with a daughter who just turned 12. Didn’t think I was able to have any more, so we are very excited find out I was pregnant again with another daughter. Yes God has blessed us too!

  19. cherry says:

    29 wks today…would love to know what I’m having…baby wont let us find out tho…guess it will be a surprise like my 10 yr old son was….

  20. Nitte says:

    I’m 29 weeks with a baby boy, I have a 3 years old baby girl so I’m very excited to have my Lil man 🙂

  21. Que says:

    I love the weekly updates… Im 29 wkd and 3days and havin my lil boy is the number one joy in my life right now… This is my first child and im 36 and scared as I dont know what…. But I love him to pieces already and cant wait to meet him!!!!

  22. Keisha says:

    I’m 29 weeks pregnant and my baby want to come out and see the world and I’m having boy and this is my second pregnancy and I have two little girls and that was my first pregnancy and now im done bcuz I got my little boy now

  23. karma says:

    i am 28weeks and i am just excited t know my babies gender.

  24. Jenna says:

    Im 29 weeks with my first baby. Her name will be Aubrey Grace 🙂 I am already so in love with her and every little movement melts my heart.

  25. KRISTA says:

    I am 29 weeks and having a boy! I just turned was unexpected blessing. 🙂

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