My Body – Pregnancy Week 26

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Pregnancy Week 26

How are you feeling? If you are feeling short of breath this week, don't worry, this is common. Your uterus may be pressing on your rib cage, making it harder for your lungs to fully expand.

Are you still exercising? Exercising throughout your pregnancy can help with the demands of labor and help you have a healthier pregnancy and baby. Check with your doctor to find out what length, and level, of exercise is good for you, but in general it is perfectly fine to continue whatever exercise routine you were practicing before pregnancy, as long as you pay attention to your body’s limits now that you have an extra person to keep mind.


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My Body – Pregnancy Week 26

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  1. Profile photo of Lisa Lisa says:

    No shortness of breath here but have been experiencing some lower back discomfort and a lot of pressure in the pelvic reign the last couple of day.

  2. Profile photo of RuqahMD RuqahMD says:

    I’m doin ok @ least but lacking gud sleep position, insomnia n tiredness no mttr hw lil I wrk.

  3. Profile photo of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    From time to time I feel short of breathe depending on what I’m doing or if it super hot

  4. Profile photo of Michelle Michelle says:

    Im doing ok..breathing good..but some times I feel shortness of breath…not all the time.its best to putyour hand. Over ur helps.

  5. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    I have shortness of breath more so than last pregnancy.

  6. Profile photo of Lauren Lauren says:

    Been feeling lightheaded lately. Anyone else feel enormous?

  7. Profile photo of PamelaPlus3 PamelaPlus3 says:

    Can not breath at night!

  8. Profile photo of cassyg143 cassyg143 says:

    I am for sure feeling short of breath,going upstairs and sometimes when im lying down.

  9. im carrying him low so i dont feel him in my ribs like my cousin dais her son is. but i do get short of breath.hes so small, my stomach barely shows!

  10. its getting harder to breeth

  11. Profile photo of McKenzie McKenzie says:

    Yes I can feelmy uterus in my ribcage and I feel dizzy too.


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