My Pregnancy Week 18

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Pregnancy Week 18

Your baby is now roughly the size of a bell pepper. He is about five and a half inches long, and weighs almost seven ounces now.

If you are having a boy, his genitals are now noticeable, if he isn’t curled up and hiding them during the ultrasound. If you are having a girl, her uterus is fully formed and in place, along with her fallopian tubes.

Your baby’s skeleton, which up until this point has been made up of flexible cartilage, is now hardening into bone. Myelin, a protective layer covering his nerves, has begun to form. Myelin plays an important role in the communication between neurons, and it will continue to develop through his first year of life.

At 18 weeks, your baby’s skin is still thin and transparent, so to help protect her, something called the vernix caseosa develops. This is a greasy, cheese-like substance that not only insulates her developing epidermis and dermis from the amniotic fluid; it also makes her nice and slippery for an easier delivery.


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My Pregnancy Week 18

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  1. marlene says:

    Almost half way.. I cannot believe that I just found out a month ago that I going to be a mom for third time.

  2. Jessica says:

    18 weeks and 4 days with a little boy! Feeling great besides being forgetful sometimes…lol

  3. Caitlin says:

    18 weeks and 2 days, I find out on April 27th what I’m having! And my daughter is turning 3 on April 26th! 🙂

  4. Shalonda says:

    I’m eighteen weeks today. I found out last week that I’m having a girl. I’m just waiting on baby girl to start kicking any day now

  5. I’m 18 weeks today, and I found out the gender at 16 weeks! I am DYING to feel the baby kick… it’s all I can think about.

  6. Zethu says:

    Am 18weeks today and can’t wait to feel my baby kick. Nd hopefully this side pains will be minimal. really am blessed

  7. Ereasa says:

    Hi I’m 18 weeks today and I’m thankful, and very happy about this pregnancy. The website is knowledgeable. I can’t wait to feel my ban kick for the first time

  8. verochka31 says:

    going on 19 wks and barely showing. finding out next week………..YAY!

  9. net says:

    Hi I need help, I’m trying to figure out the father of my baby, I have a partner and didn’t know I’m pregnant well I went for my scan to find out how far I was and got told I’m due 8th February 2015 but I’m questioning the whose the father part, I slept with another guy on the 17th May, Is the scan I had done to find out how far I was 100% right??? Is my partner the father or the other guy???? I just feel so guilty and have been so stressed about it I just want to figure it out so the other person don’t have to struggle with a child that is not theirs. Please help me

  10. KiRe says:

    What are usually the signs to know
    the sex of the baby??

  11. blanca says:

    Hi today I turn 18weeks and I found out last week im having a girl im due December 7 and this my 3rd child I have 2 adorable boys thwir ages are 2years old and 6 year old

  12. Moyo says:

    Waiting for next Thursday to know what’s up, but still thinking of going gender neutral.

  13. Erika says:

    I wasn’t supposed to find out what I’m having until July, but I had to be rushed to the emergency room a few nights ago, while doing the ultrasound to check on the baby they told me I’m having a boy!! I was so sure it was a girl, I was kind of shocked but everyone’s been hoping for a boy 🙂 and he’s safe & sound luckily!

  14. Tagrid says:

    I thought I’m having a girl, almost 100% sure, but surprise, surprise… I’m having a boy! And I fell in love all over again with my little human. The most beautiful feeling I ever lived! <3

  15. Nancy says:

    Congrats Tammy I’m going to find out my baby’s gender in two weeks and all my bf relatives are praying for a baby girl. I’ll be happy will be happy with either a boy or girl as long as he or she is healthy.

  16. Tammy says:

    we just found out we are having a girl for some reason my whole household is disappointed. well everyone but me. I hope this is normal.

  17. Amanda says:

    I got a private scan at 16 weeks to determine gender early. Still so excited for next Fridays ultrasound. I cant wait for them to check my little Jackson out and make sure everythings growing perfectly.

  18. so excited we find out on Monday what we are having hope he/she is not shy and lets us get a peek…then its on to happy shopping for days to follow!!!

  19. kimberly says:

    i find out in a couple weeks what baby J will be. too excited

  20. annette says:

    I found out Christmas Eve I am a little girl!!!! So excited but I’m only 18 weeks now so still awhile to go

  21. Susie says:

    I find out next week jan. 17th and I have to agree with Merandah Mann the third is just as exiting as the first can’t wait to see my lil one….my son says he wants a lil brother cause he has a sister already lol I hope he gets what he wants and I’m excited for all you mommies congrats 🙂 🙂

  22. Kati says:

    Find out what it is on January 23. I am pretty sure I know but it is still just as exciting with the third as it was with the first! 😀

  23. im so excited the 26th i find out girl or boy! this is my first and every visit has been a “modest” one either playing with the cord, the feet are in the way, or it keeps turning!! oh little one please stay still for mommy so i can shop for you!! <3

  24. Etta says:

    OMG we find out what we are having tomorrow DEC 19. Oh God please let it be a girl please lol

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