My Body – Pregnancy Week 18

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Pregnancy Week 18

Are you having difficulty sleeping? Try propping yourself with pillows to help you find a comfortable position, and stretch your body before lying in bed at night. If you are seriously concerned, speak with your doctor to see if there are other solutions you haven’t tried yet. You are probably aware that you should avoid sleeping on your back as it can cut off important blood circulation to the baby, but if you wake up on your back, there’s no need to panic–simply try to get comfortable sleeping on your side again.

Are strangers touching your belly? While some women don’t mind, be sure to speak up if this bothers you, as this is something that won’t go away until after child birth. Pregnancy does not mean that anyone has the right to touch you without permission.


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My Body – Pregnancy Week 18

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  1. Profile photo of Amber Amber says:

    I am 18wks with my fourth child. This pregnancy was a “surprise” as my children are 14, 8 and 7 and I am 37yo. This pregnancy has been way different from any of my previous pregnancies! And not in a good way! Severe ALL DAY sickness from around 7wks until right at 16wks. I was never even nauseous with my other 3. But the one thing that is different that is so wild, my belly bump is up in my ribs! I mean it’s (very) slightly bigger in my lower abdomen, but I’m still in my regular jeans and everything. (Actually they are kind of loose since I’ve lost 10-12lbs from being so sick!). I know all pregnancies are different, but is this “common” for someone who is “older”? Multiple children? A lot of friends/co-workers are telling me “it’s a girl since you are carrying so high” but my blood work says I am having a boy!

  2. Am 18 weeks and 1day,How can I relive my abdominal pain. Pls help me

  3. Profile photo of jocelyn jocelyn says:

    I’m going to be 18 weeks in a day, but Im worry because I dont have a belly! Is it normal?

  4. Profile photo of Nancy Nancy says:

    Im 18 weeks by now and I’m little concerned about my weight because I barely gained 6-9 lbs since my pregnancy. I want to gain a little more so my baby is not too skinny or weak when he or she’s born.I feel that inward enough to gain weight but maybe im not eating enough carbs or something is missing in my diet and i need to change it.

  5. So we are 18 weeks along now…and still yet not a single movement have I or we felt, sort of getting to be upsetting 🙁 I just wish baby would move and make it more real to me, even with this being pregnancy number 4 I am still concerned but I just keep my fingers crossed till the next appointment! Its just so weird to me that I have even tried to drink cold, eat sweets, and the whole nine yards but yet nothing changes!!

  6. Profile photo of christine christine says:

    My hubby makes a good leg rest! I often get very uncomfortable. So I spoon next to my hubby and warm my belly on his back and prop my leg on his waist. I tell ya, its more comfy then pillows.

  7. ive been sick constantly, and sleeping habits changed its harder to get to sleep now with trying to get comfy, i already sleep with 12 pillows! my poor husband!!

    • Profile photo of ariel ariel says:

      I’m 18 weeks and I get very uncomfortable when I sleep I toss and turn all night even with my pillows my poor husband get a lil frustrated when I sleep because I use to cuddle with him all the time but he can even kiss me good night because all of my pillows and I tend to hit him in the head with my elbow my accident when I toss and turn.

  8. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    I have been having trouble sleeping the past couple days but I have been sick.


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