My Pregnancy Week 13

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Pregnancy Week 13

Your baby is now about the size of a peach, measuring a little less than three inches and weighing approximately a full ounce!

The most remarkable thing about week 13 is that his little body is finally starting to catch up to his head in size, as his head now only accounts for one-third of his total size. If you are having a girl, she will have more than two million eggs in her ovaries by week 13.

His teeth are in place under his gums, waiting to come out during teething, which can start as early as three months, or as late as twelve months. (Note: Some babies can even have one or two teeth showing when they are born!)

Veins and organs are visible through your baby's skin, which is still paper thin and transparent. Her intestines are forming villi, which aid in peristaltic movement and digestion; and her pancreas has even begun to secrete insulin! Her vocal cords are also beginning to develop.


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My Pregnancy Week 13

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  1. Profile photo of Stacey Stacey says:

    13 weeks today! Still in quite a shock that my fiance and I are having a BaBy at the same time couldn’t be any happier! I’m going to be a Mother which is the greatest gift anyone could ask for! Next appointment in 3 weeks hoping to find out what we are having!!!

  2. Profile photo of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    13+1, Ftm at 35. Not finding out the gender.

  3. Hi: I am 13 weeks 3 days. At 37 I feel great, better than with my two previous pregnancies. This time I changed everything around, I keep exercising, eating healthy and today I had my first prenatal massage. ☺

  4. Profile photo of Mercedes Mercedes says:

    13 weeks today 🙂

  5. Profile photo of Heather Heather says:

    I am 13 weeks along today, with my first. Been in a lot of pain but overall still ecstatic about becoming a mother! I hope I find out what I’m having soon!

  6. Profile photo of Melissa Melissa says:

    I am 13 weeks today and so excited. I can’t’ believe that in 2 weeks I get to see what I am having.

    I had to purchase maternity pants because my jeans don’t fit right. I feel like I am moving along great. Out with morning sickness and in with heartburn. I am loving every minute though.

  7. Profile photo of sophie sophie says:

    I am 13 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my second child we are all so very excited only 2 more weeks left till I find out what I am having as I am paying for a early sexing scan

    • Profile photo of Danyelle Danyelle says:

      How do you get one of those done?! I’m 13 weeks now and I won’t be able to find out what I’m having till like February and this is also my second child and I just really want to know as soon as possible!?

  8. Profile photo of Tara Tara says:

    I’m just about 13 weeks pregnant with my second child. Just found out it’s another boy. That’s going to be interesting having two little boys running around. Wonder what the grocery bill will look like when they are teenagers. LOL! I hope they will be very close growing up and really good friends as adults.

  9. Profile photo of christina christina says:

    I’m 13 weeks today with my fourth child. I found out yesterday that I am having a girl! I am so excited. Can’t wait.

  10. Profile photo of Octavia Octavia says:

    I’m 13 weeks and 1 day today with my first baby ! Me and my boyfriend couldn’t be any more excited ❤️. Well I have an appt. Next Thursday and I’m just hoping they will be able to determine the gender but maybe it’s too soon .. I just can’t wait ! I love surprises but this is just one gift that I must know what’s inside lol . I feel fine no sickness or anything I’m just even more hungry!!

  11. Profile photo of Khabo Khabo says:

    Hi I’m 13weeks today and its my third child, my tummy its so big can’t even wear my normal clothes I had to buy maternity pants I’m so excited wishing the baby to a girl.

  12. Profile photo of Julie Julie says:

    I’m 13 weeks today. Turned 40 years old. . 3rd child. Second round of poison since March. Anybody have any good suggestions to get rid of this stuff. Caladryl was only thing recommended by the doctor.

  13. Profile photo of Deidra Deidra says:

    I’m 13 weeks today! This is my first child. I can’t wait till I find out what I’m having. I’m so grateful!

  14. Profile photo of andrea andrea says:

    13 wks and 1day! My 2nd child. It gets more exciting every time :-)! At my ultrasound last week the baby was very active. Even looked like the bby waved hi to daddy and I!

  15. Profile photo of danielle danielle says:

    Hi mine is 10/24!im 13weeks! Today! Finally I’m in my 2nd trimester!!

  16. Profile photo of danielle danielle says:

    I had a ultrasound yesterday!! I’m 12weeks! 5days! My baby was so cute lying there playing with his or her hands! Can’t wait for my edd 10/24! How bout you ladies what’s you all edd!! By the way congratulations!!!

  17. Profile photo of Jessica Jessica says:

    13 weeks 1 day today 🙂 And I cant stop eatting!!! lol I wear nothing but pj pants and loose tank tops.

  18. Profile photo of Caitlyn Caitlyn says:

    im 13 weeks today! I have to buy maternity jeans cause the sweat pants are not fashionable haha. I tried on every single pair of jeans i have and only 1 pair still fit. People keep making fun of me because they say i shouldn’t be in maternity pants yet But i enjoy not having my jeans cutting into my sides. 4 weeks and i go to a place 2 hrs away to find out the gender 🙂

    • Profile photo of shyann shyann says:

      i’m 13 weeks today and i have noticed my pants don’t fit like they use to. i just told my bf that we need to get me a few maternity jeans cause i don’t wanna feel like i can’t breath or that i could be harming the baby. so don’t feel bad your not the only one going through this.

  19. Profile photo of Athena Athena says:

    I’m nervous, but getting more excited as I purchase essential baby items & gradually prepare the house for my new addition. Fingers crossed its a little girl

  20. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    Yay second trimester!

  21. Profile photo of Shaiann Shaiann says:

    I didnt like the beginning i was violently sick but i love being pregnant and i cant wait to meet my baby 🙂

  22. I very ancious and emocionaly but before 16 years i pregnant and i nwrvious i have 37

  23. Profile photo of Jami Jami says:

    13 weeks and 3 days 🙂 never made it past the first trimester before…feeling hopeful and happy.

  24. Profile photo of christina christina says:

    This is my second pregnancy my first was a miscarriage. I’m 13 weeks and I loved seeing my little one kicking and moving in the ultra.sound. hope all goes well with this pregnancy. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do or not do to avoid miscarriages.

  25. Profile photo of jessica jessica says:

    I’m at 13 weeks to day I’m so excited I’m having a baby but have to say I didn’t think it could be this tuff being pregnant because I have a lot of morning evening and night sickness and I’m Geting a lot of headaches now an nothing is really helping them go away it wasn’t this hard at first but it seems like its Geting harder now. has any one had a hard pregnancy an if so what did you do to make it a lil easier?

    • Profile photo of Shiloh JohnsonEditor Shiloh Johnson says:

      Yes, I don’t think I was prepared for how hard it was going to be either! I know some people love being pregnant, but it’s hard when you’re constantly sick, tired, and achy. It’s worse when the heartburn kicks in later on, lol, but just remember that it is really a short amount of time in the long run…and the end result is the best thing in the world! Just try and stay positive. Read about how baby is developing each week and get excited 🙂 Good luck mama! Oh, and ask your doctor about a prescription for the nausea if it’s bad. It helps takes the edge off!


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