My Body – Pregnancy Week 10

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Pregnancy Week 10

By week 10, your uterus is the size of a grapefruit. To put that into perspective, just a little over two months ago (before you were pregnant), it was the size of a small pear. You may notice your midsection thickening a little by this week. And though it may not be time for maternity clothes, don't be concerned if your normal wardrobe is beginning to feel a little snug.

If this is not your first pregnancy, you may also notice that your stomach seems to be “showing” a bit earlier, and that’s completely normal. There is no “right” or “wrong” time to start wearing maternity clothes, so go with whatever makes you feel the best.

Not ready for maternity clothes? Look for clothing with elastic waistbands. You may already own some forgiving pants and skirts, but shopping for clothing with elastic in the waist might be just what you need to accommodate your expanding midline. 

You can also try a favorite pregnancy “hack” by fastening any buttoned pants with an elastic hair tie to give yourself a little extra room in the tummy area as you transition into maternity clothing.


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My Body – Pregnancy Week 10

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  1. Profile photo of Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I am 36. Almost 11 weeks with my first baby!. I’m usually a slender female but I have a pooch. I feel cramps in lower abdomen all the time.. Is this normal?

  2. Profile photo of Mrs_Brazil Mrs_Brazil says:

    I’m 10 weeks 2 days and absolutely miserable. I don’t throw up often but my body hurt. Im suffering from terrible gas pains that are worst while laying down. I just feel sick and being that this isnt my first pregnancy im shocked just by how bad this prgnancy has kicked my butt so far! I feel like a newbie lol

  3. Profile photo of Prajay Prajay says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am in 10th week…and from last two weeks I am unable to keep any food inside my stomach as I am vomiting as soon as I have scared to have any kind of food..lost some weight as well….In a day I just have a fruit or some snacks & soft drink….Is it normal during this week..and wanted know what happens if i dnt have food for the whole day..wil thay affect my baby’s development?

  4. Profile photo of Shannon Shannon says:

    I’m due Jan 9th 2015 making me 10 weeks and haven’t started showing at all didn’t even know I was pregnant til almost 9 weeks

  5. Profile photo of sheenaholman sheenaholman says:

    Week ten has been great, barely any symptoms!

  6. Profile photo of yareli yareli says:

    I feel like i’ ve gained a whole lot of weight n i’m barely 10 wks… the weird thing is that when i went to the dr, i was told i had lost a few pounds!!

  7. Profile photo of Maria Maria says:

    I have already started to show as well. I am due dec 25 and I feel like a balloon

  8. Profile photo of Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I have. I havent bought a closet full yet but ive gotten about
    7 or 8 tops and 4 bottoms mostly dresses cuz trust me
    being peegnant in summer less is better. Im usually not a
    Dress wearin girl but they are the most comfy on a hot day.

  9. Profile photo of Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I am 10 wks 1day an already showin but my boobs arent bigger jus very sore. So ur not the only one. My belly looks like i have half a basketball in my shirt lol

  10. Profile photo of naomir84 naomir84 says:

    I feel that I am starting to show already!

  11. Profile photo of Akilah79 Akilah79 says:

    Yes a little bit. And my boobs have gotten bigger too.

  12. Profile photo of Akilah79 Akilah79 says:

    So has anyone who is 10 weeks bought maternity clothes yet?

  13. Profile photo of Akilah79 Akilah79 says:

    This is my second in 11 years. I’m starting to show a bit too. And I haven’t had much of an appetite either. I too have been eating a lot of fruit and veggies.

  14. Profile photo of lazerlady2 lazerlady2 says:

    This is my first and I am 10weeks today. I am starting to slightly show. My boobs have gotten noticeably bigger and heaver. I have not had any morning sickness, just loss of appetite for anything but fruit and veggies.

  15. Profile photo of Benicia Benicia says:

    Is anyone else showing at all at 10 weeks? I keep reading about the waistline "thickening a little" and I’m huge already!! But it’s only my belly and my boobs that have gotten bigger- haven’t gained anywhere else…


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