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Once you are pregnant, traveling suddenly becomes a very different type of adventure. From adapting to your needs for comfort to when and if it is safe to travel, there are many topics of interest. Use the expert advice below to help you prepare for the policies, discomforts, and doctor’s rules to traveling while pregnant.

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Why SeaWorld is the Perfect Pregnancy Vacation Destination

When I decided to take a special mother-daughter trip before baby #5 arrived on the scene ...
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4 Tips for Flying While Pregnant

When work sends me out of state I usually pack a good book, make sure I build in time to ...
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How to Enjoy Your Summer Road Trip while Pregnant

Road trips are a huge part of summer fun and vacations. Packing up the car, ...
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10 Tips for Travel During Pregnancy

According to the American Pregnancy Association, as long as there are no known ...
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A Gestation Vacation: Planning a pregnancy getaway

Preparing for a new baby brings plenty of excitement about things to come. There ...
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