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Sleep & Fatigue

Somewhere between getting up five times a night to use the restroom and trying to find a comfortable position in which to sleep, most pregnant women discover that they are exhausted for the majority of their pregnancy. Find numerous ways to deal with the sleep - or lack thereof - and fatigue, below!

Sleep & Fatigue - Pregnancy
Study Finds that Sleeping on Your Back During Pregnancy May Cause a Scary Complication

A new study has linked sleeping on your back during pregnancy to ...
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5 Tips for Comfortable Sleep in Your Third Trimester

From the earliest days of pregnancy, family members, friends with kids, and passersby ...
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Practical Tips for Sneaking in a Nap Time During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is exhausting, and it totally makes sense when you think about ...
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Want a Shorter Labor? Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

What if I told you that there was a secret that would help you have a shorter labor and ...
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Unicorns, Tortilla Chips, and Samuel L. Jackson: Check Out These Crazy Pregnancy Dreams

You face so many changes when you're pregnant that can have you feeling excited, ...
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Sleeping Techniques for Finding Slumber in the Third Trimester

Sleep. It’s what every pregnant lady craves. For most moms-to-be, it remains as elusive ...
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