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Medical Tests & Vaccinations

There are many medical tests and vaccinations available to pregnant women. Many of these are optional procedures, offered to women dependent upon their particular circumstances and risk factors. Below, you will find articles to help you learn more about these tests and vaccinations, as well as any precautions to take or risks involved, to ensure you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Medical Tests & Vaccinations - Pregnancy
Scientists Are on Track to Create a Blood Test to Predict Early Labor

A brand new type of blood test that can accurately measure how far along a woman is and ...
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Mom’s Vaccine Story Will Make You Think Twice About the Tdap Vaccine

One of the hard parts about vaccines, especially when you're pregnant, is that it can be ...
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Diabetes During Pregnancy is a Big Deal — Do You Know Your Risk?

According to new guidelines released by the International Federation of Gynecology and ...
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How to Pass Your Three-Hour Glucose Test

So, you “failed” your one-hour glucose test and now you have to do the dreaded ...
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A New Test for Pregnant Women May Be a Life Saver

If there were a test that could tell you if you had cancer while you were pregnant, ...
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What You Should Know About the Anatomy Ultrasound

Halfway through your pregnancy you will experience one of my favorite parts of ...
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