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Home & Nursery Prep

There is a lot to purchase for your little one, and it can be hard to resist buying everything in sight! There are, however, certain essential things that should be the first things you do, and purchase, to prepare your home. Below, you will find articles on baby proofing your home, tips for purchasing furniture, and much more, to help you prioritize.

Home & Nursery Preg - Pregnancy
Why Do Pregnant Women “Nest?”

One of the famous stories about my arrival into the world centers around my mother’s ...
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3 of the Best Baby Video Monitors Around

Although I have had four babies, I have to admit that I've never taken the plunge ...
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A Dozen Diaper Bags that Look Like Purses

A diaper bag is a mom's lifeline the minute she steps outside her house, and but ...
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8 Essential Tips for Parents Making the Most of Small Spaces

When we had our first baby we were living in a small condo in the heart of the ...
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5 Things to Consider Before Making that Big Baby Purchase

Babies are expensive, and when you factor in all the products we tend to buy for ...
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7 Kids Nursery Design Ideas You Hadn’t Considered

Preparing the nursery for your child's arrival is an exciting, stressful, and ...
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