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Special Circumstances

Every pregnancy is unique, with its own surprises and joys. But certain circumstances can bring extra challenges and worries. Whether you are facing health complications for yourself or your little one, or carrying an extra baby (or two), we've got resources and information to help ease your concerns and allow you to plan for what is to come.

Special Circumstances - Pregnancy
New Preemie Invention Lets Babies Stay Attached to the Cord 

When babies are born prematurely, they usually need all the help they can get as they ...
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How My Son’s NICU Experience Traumatized Me

It's not like I was a huge fan of doctors to begin with, to be honest. I ...
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After a Down Syndrome Diagnosis: How to Prepare

When Denise Schlaud first got the news that her baby had Down syndrome, she ...
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How to Pass Your Three-Hour Glucose Test

So, you “failed” your one-hour glucose test and now you have to do the dreaded ...
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New Study Shows Babies Can Survive as Early as 22 Weeks

When I worked as an OB nurse, there was a very fine line between what was ...
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4 Small Perks of Back-to-Back Pregnancies

Whether you've decided to have your children close together in age or it was a total ...
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