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Gestational Diabetes

Every pregnancy is unique, with its own surprises and joys. But certain circumstances can bring extra challenges and worries. Whether you are facing health complications for yourself or your little one, or carrying an extra baby (or two), we've got resources and information to help ease your concerns and allow you to plan for what is to come.

Special Circumstances - Pregnancy
Diabetes During Pregnancy is a Big Deal — Do You Know Your Risk?

According to new guidelines released by the International Federation of Gynecology and ...
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How to Pass Your Three-Hour Glucose Test

So, you “failed” your one-hour glucose test and now you have to do the dreaded ...
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Gestational Diabetes Linked To Autism

A new study has found that gestational diabetes during pregnancy is linked to ...
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I Have Diabetes, and I’m Pregnant. What Should I Know?

Pregnancy brings a whole heap of changes when it comes to your body, your diet, and ...
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Diagnosing Gestational Diabetes

Around your seventh month of pregnancy, you will take a blood glucose test. ...
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5 Common Myths About Diabetes

Currently, 1 in 10 adult Americans suffer from diabetes and, according to the ...
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