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Baby Names

Do you name your baby after your father, or your best friend from college? Should you choose something unique, or classic? Choosing a name for your baby is a monumental task. Use our tools and articles to help you pick the perfect baby name, today!
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Baby Names - Pregnancy
This Just In: The 10 Most Popular Names 2016

Were you lucky enough to have a baby last year? Did you go for a popular name or an ...
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6 Combo Girl Names That Are Almost Too Pretty

Trying to figure out what name you'll ultimately land on for your baby girl isn't easy. ...
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Baby Names Inspired by US Presidents

If you're looking for some inspiration, try out these presidential-inspired baby names. ...
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Top Baby Names of 2016

And the top baby names of 2016 ...
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Baby Names Inspired by World-Changing Women

As this week marks a loss of two amazing women, I'm reminded just how much the world is ...
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If You Like Jack but Don’t Like its Popularity, Try These 5 Baby Names Instead

When I think of a classic boy's name that has stood the test of time and fits no matter ...
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