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Pregnancy Fitness

Exercising throughout your pregnancy can help your body handle the stresses of pregnancy and childbirth, controlling your weight gain, and lowering your chances of having a difficult pregnancy and delivery. However, there are limitation and precautions to be aware of when exercising during pregnancy. Read the articles below, and learn more about the benefits of prenatal fitness, as well as the precautions and risks that go along with a growing belly.

Pregnancy Fitness & Exercise
Why I Will Hire a Trainer During My Pregnancy

Last week, I went to my first-ever personal training session. The trainer, I learned, is ...
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How I’m Staying Active (and Comfy!) During Pregnancy

I may have an addiction. To exercise. It just makes me feel so good, ...
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Can We Please Talk About Pregnancy “Abs”?

By now, you may have heard the news that the infamous model who had crazy ...
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Pregnancy Exercise: Experts Weigh in on Dos and Don’ts

During my first pregnancy I was terrified to do any type of exercise. I wanted to run. ...
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Understanding Diastasis Recti

  Women have a higher risk of diastasis with subsequent pregnancies, ...
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14 Amazing Exercises for Your 1st Trimester

During your first trimester of pregnancy, your body experiences many changes. While some ...
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