Pregnancy and Round Ligament Pain


During pregnancy, you get used to lots of new aches and pains that you’ve never encountered before. As your baby becomes larger, you may start to experience abdominal pain as your round ligaments become extended and pulled on.

Identifying Round Ligament Pain

While round ligament pain is very common, it can also be easily confused with other ailments – so it’s very important that round ligament pain be properly diagnosed. Here are a few issues that may feel like round ligament pain:

  • Appendicitis: The pain will concentrate in the lower right of the abdomen and may be accompanied by vomiting and fever, and the pain will increase over time. Later in pregnancy the pain may be felt more in the upper abdomen.
  • Cyst or ovary pain: This will feel sudden and sharp, and may be caused by a ruptured cyst or twisted ovary.
  • Digestion problems: If you are constipated or having digestion issues, you may have similar pain issues.

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Why Round Ligament Pain Occurs

The round ligaments surround your uterus and keep it suspended in your abdomen. As your uterus grows, the ligaments will become pulled and stretched. All this pulling and stretching will affect nearby nerve endings, which will cause pain and discomfort. Since the uterus normally turns to the right you will likely experience more pain on this side.
Generally, when resting you will feel less pain, unless you suddenly turn to one side. Exercise can make the pain worse – so you may need to reduce your regime for the time being.


When to Get Help

Any pain in your abdomen should be reported to your health physician at your next appointment. However, if you are experiencing any of these symptoms please seek medical attention immediately:

  • Pain or difficulty urinating
  • Trouble walking
  • Fever or chills



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Treatment for Round Ligament Pain

If your health practitioner approves, then Tylenol (acetaminophen) can be used to reduce pain. Applying heat to the abdomen can also help, so take plenty of warm baths or use a heading pad. Lying on your left side can also help to ease pain, as well as avoiding sudden movements. In extreme cases you may have to limit your mobility to prevent pain.

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For most women, round ligament pain will reduce in severity as the pregnancy progresses and the body adjusts to carrying more weight, but at the very least you can look forward to the pain disappearing after your baby is born!

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Pregnancy and Round Ligament Pain

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Over the past few months the pain has gotten less and less but in the beginning the pain was a lot worse for me. I dealt with it by using medicine and heating pads and also taking some hot/warm showers. Now i have pain in my right hip area which is mostly sharp pinpointed pain, but I am dealing with it and doing so is taking a toll on me being able to go to college to do my class and work on homework.

  2. Kelly says:

    As this is my 6th pregnancy, I am probably more ept to feel the pain of growth earlier, since my abdomen has had a lot of muscle loss from having kids. I am 8 weeks today, I am not showing yet, I have gained 2 lbs. I am dealing with abdomen pain, sharp at times but mostly just dull and achy pains low in my abdomen. Most of my pregnancies I had trouble walking and lying down because the pain was terrible. I had even had my legs buckle and almost fall because the pain would be so sharp and severe, but it didn’t last long so I was ok.

  3. Alanna says:

    At 14 weeks I still haven’t started to show at all and I am feeling occasional sharp cramping pains around my groin and in my belly. I’m almost completely sure that it is all due to round ligament pain. My body is getting used to all of the stretching and changes.

  4. toya says:

    I have been having trouble walking around and the pain seems to go away when I lay down, I called my doctor and I have to come in for a check up, the nurse on the phone told me it’s because of the baby growing..

  5. Dario says:

    You ladies go through a lot of painful changes..wish I could feel them for her sometimes

  6. Heatherly says:

    Good article….I’m going to try the advice and see what happens.

  7. im actually having a little pain when I touch under my left rib on the side iam a little worried it could be kidney stones 🙁

  8. MamaCat says:

    I had a lot of lower back pain after laying down for long stretches with my first and now I have it no matter what I do with my second on the way. I can’t sit or lay down too long. I have used my heating pad on low and just on my lower back – no where near my tummy – and it helps some. And I take a few tylenol to take the edge off but it often hurts to walk and a lot of that is because this baby is sitting so much lower than my first. She’s putting pressure in all manner of fun spots her sister didn’t. Ah – the things we go through to be Mom’s. It’s all worth it in the end though.

  9. verochka31 says:

    no pains yet………………going on 29 weeks

  10. Sara says:

    At 30wks I started experiencing strong, sharp pain first in my lower right back then in my lower right abdomen along with fever, and switching from extreme chills to extreme hot flashes. This went on for about a week before I finally went to the er to make sure it wasn’t appendicitis. Turned out to be a kidney infection instead 🙁

  11. Kadijah says:

    she gives me all kind of pain sometymes its just crazy how it pops up

  12. ketta says:

    iam not feeling any pain right now but i know i will soon

  13. Jeanetta says:

    Not much helped me with round ligament pain except some Tylenol ….

  14. emi285 says:

    NO HEATING PADS UNLESS YOUR DOCTOR APPROVES IT FIRST!!! Eeeek guys, heating pads and heating blankets are supposed to be a no-no when you are pregnant (@_@). I had this problem when I was pregnant with #4, my doctor said the more pregnancies I had the more I would experience this…so far I haven’t had any pain like last time, this time around :).

  15. Anna says:

    I was lucky enough to avoid this pregnancy "perk"…

  16. Hope says:

    I have definitely experienced this and the first time was really scary since I’ve had a miscarriage before.

  17. Vanessa says:

    i am pregnant with twins and just some weeks away from delivery and most of my pain is the front middle of my belly. it feels stretched to its capacity and is very uncomfortable . but i can usually avoid this pain by resting …even tho i am usually a busy body and cant stay still for more than a few minutes on end its a must if i plan to sleep comfortably at nite!

  18. Sasoo says:

    So many changes to face!

  19. SammysMOMMY says:

    The doctor put me on progesterone to help!

  20. I found that rubbing my sides softly also helps with the pain.

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