Pregnancy and Exercise: Can You Continue?

A pregnant woman doing cardiovascular exercise on a crosstrainer in a gym

Learning what types and levels of exercise are still appropriate during pregnancy can be a stressful experience. Some women become overwhelmed by the conflicting opinions of others and end up dropping their exercise patterns altogether. 

If our bodies are used to being very active, becoming inactive can really bring down our happiness and make us feel low.

McKenna Bullock, a Medical Assistant at a women’s clinic, said, “Staying active during pregnancy is definitely recommended! We always tell women to keep up whatever exercise routine they’re used to doing prior to pregnancy, but to avoid starting any new regimens.”

If your body is used to working out a certain way, then maintaining that will be perfectly safe – just don’t overdo it! “I once met with a woman who was preparing for a marathon right before she got pregnant. We advised her not to continue training for the full 26-mile marathon, but told her she could still run a half marathon and be fine. If you’re used to running – run! If not, stick to walking and other non-strenuous exercises,” Bullock said.

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As I was contemplating this topic, I thought about Charlotte in the movie “Sex and the City.” Typically a runner, she becomes so afraid of harming her baby while she's pregnant that she stops altogether and loses the mood-boosting high she’s used to getting from running. Then, after being reassured that it’s perfectly safe to continue exercising, she throws on her running shoes and gets back out there!


What do you think?

Pregnancy and Exercise: Can You Continue?

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Exercising has always eased my back pain

  2. kirsten says:

    At the moment, I’m having brisk walks.

  3. Samantha says:

    I agree.I’ve seen the movie too.Exercise is really good,it’s your body so you should know your limitations in doing

  4. LauraGarcia says:

    I think taking it easy and slow is best but everybody should know what their own body can handle but I think everybody should at least definitely take walks.

  5. Karinna says:

    I just found out that I am going to be a first time mom and also have a gym membership. I was wondering if I would still be able to go and workout on the treadmills, excercise bikes, and if it was ok to do the toning tables at 2 months?

    • Kay says:

      I would definitely keep the membership! I have one too, and at 9 weeks, its a great place for some low stress exercise (elliptical, bike, etc).

  6. LIZ says:

    i did exercise in the pool it help so much

  7. Katie says:

    Every article I read about excercise and pregnancy is about continuing what you already were doing prior to pregnancy. My question is, what about for somebody who wasn’t an excersiser and wants to start in order to stay healthy (maybe even get a little healthier) during pregnancy? Anybody ever see anything on this?

    • Ashley says:

      I was in the same boat when I conceived. Not much of an exerciser before, but the promise of a healthier pregnancy and a healthier baby was the best motivator. Though I haven’t seen any specific articles about it, most mention that walking and swimming are great “starter” exercises, just don’t overdo it. If you’re like me and unsure at what that point was for you, you can do what I did and find a prenatal yoga class and other classes geared towards pregnant ladies (check out Fit4Mom’s Fit4Baby program in your area). When you have a pro to keep an eye on you, and you’re surrounded with other mom’s-to-be, you don’t feel pressured to do more than you are able. I’m 6 weeks into my new fitness routine and I live for my Fit4Baby classes because I feel excellent afterwards!

  8. kimberly says:

    ive been dying to go swimming but the problem is where i live the closest swimming availability is 30 miles away and its the middle of winter. i do walk to work everyday and im a cosmetologist so i do run around a bit at work

  9. raven says:

    crossfit training for moms i saw some of the things thy do it cant be safe for mom or baby wht can i do thts safe

    • Ashley says:

      Prenatal yoga is great for all levels. And see if there’s a Fit4Mom program in your area. They have a Fit4Baby course that is especially for expectant moms.

  10. Daniela says:

    I’ve been working out this entire pregnancy, (I was a gym goer even before I got pregnant). I find that when i’m tired, it actually gives me more energy. I’m hoping I can keep it up for the last few weeks that I have left.

  11. Corey Ann says:

    I was more active while preg for my first then I was for my second! We lived in a spot where it was safer to walk the streets! Here we are on a main road with no sidewalks! Also had someone to walk with, with my first! Oddly enough I gained less weight, had a bigger baby and easier labor with my second

  12. Ashley says:

    Exercise during pregnancy is a definite for me- as long as you take it easy and don’t over do it. It gives me more energy and makes me feel good

  13. uyanga says:

    wow look at that ladies belly button when my belly get big like that my belly button doesnt close up like that wow amazing lol

  14. Timothy says:

    i can’t get my wife envolved at all..

  15. Timothy says:

    I just don’t seem to have enough energy to exercise after working all day at the school…Then I do house work on Saturday… Sunday is rest day. whew.. just about wore me out doing that…lol

  16. Courtney says:

    Exercise doing pregnancy has so many benefits and is very beneficial for both the mother and baby. Walking is one great exercise that makes child birth so much better!

  17. victoria says:

    I agree that exercise during pregnancy is beneficial. The act of giving birth is very hard on the body and staying sedentary for nine months certainly wouldn’t help prepare for that. I have been very stressed and noticed my stress hit a peak when I stopped my exercise routine but since starting again my stress has gone down 10 fold.

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