Many families have been lucky to grow through adoption, but it can sometimes be a complicated process. Whether you've always known you wanted to adopt or you are just beginning to consider it as an option for your family, find information you can use in the articles below.

Alternative Options - Preconception
Why Many Choose Alternative Family Building

In order to understand why couples and single people choose alternative family ...
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Financing Adoption

Adoption is expensive; there is no doubt about it. Most parents choosing to ...
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International Versus Domestic Adoption

When you first make the decision to adopt, you will likely think the process is ...
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Adoption After Infertility

Going through infertility treatments, disappointments, and both physical and ...
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Selecting an Adoption Agency

When you are putting your future in the hands of other people, it is normal to feel ...
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Is Adoption for You?

Joe and Mariah sat devastated in the doctor's office. It was determined that the ...
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